Let’s Play Fable 2 Episode 4: Ancestor’s Secret Goodies

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Jack okay guys we have just ended the old tomb we are going to further our adventure yes Im examined Im speaking to you through the guild seal you will need to jump into that hole to continue Danvers hole here the water at the bottom will break your fall oh yeah baby theres so many sexual jokes I can make about this but anyway hey Dawg whats wrong you okay watch this I can you can either scold your dog or make him feel better and since Im a nice guy and I love this dog to death Im going to make him feel better so can I have the option come up here we go Joe you okay you also give him treats when you find him which we will go over but didnt hurt at all you hey you sure are good for this first part hmm okay were gonna jump down here lets see oh crap beetles all right well Im fighting these I can show you things you can either use your sword and I tell you what those are in a second or you can use your hope we dont do that all those hard cuts for you all right guys basically these little orbs are your strength skill and willpower okay sorry for that cut anyway moving on ah lets see I know theres something in this room important no theres not but also your dog lets you know if theres keys and treasure chests in the room see hey theres our second key of the game right here in the old tomb all right cool making good progress dem keys all right oh so good this turn here okay all right sounds good sounds good so those blue orbs that I just collected those are going towards my power attacks

because I just like hit them with my swords so therefore I get power or those green orbs hold the knowledge and experience of the creatures that you kill okay well she said it better than I did yeah the green ones are basically the everything orbs you can add them to strength willpower and magic well well go over those in just a few minutes cuz were actually going to get a first look at her ability screen Oh jet neat okay now as you can see this looks like a damn spot to me but you cant dive there another thing Ive noticed is that my dog constantly barks I might be missing a treasure in here but you know Im a terrible chute switch to go any further say what I mean see hes exclaiming treasure yet he doesnt show me scumbag dog okay anyway whats this thats keys up that is all right Im gonna open this treasure chest from behind because Im like that awesome all right what do we got theres a rusty mace ooh better than our longsword you say well I dont want to use a rusty mace because that just its slower okay were gonna have to do a cut here real quick after still these beetles be back in one second guys okay sorry for that cut there we are gonna be moving on and see follow the glowing trail okay make our way through this okay now in this area theres three books I guess yes okay theres three book like things that youre gonna I guess you dont have to pick them up but you know its a cool story its cool story bro all right so Brennans diary you guys can pause the screen if you want to read this yeah thats cool its basically three

guys that lived in this cave and theyre all like pissed at each other and kind of result all right pillar in the way this one over here I think this one is drink nope Erik okay so yeah you can read that Wow all right last one is oh its a Kaitlyn okay last ones up here this is Drake suicide note I like this one the best though so yeah basically he found a magical gem and then were trying to take it from him he went crazy no like crazy and yeah tipo story okay so moving on nothing in here I think there might be a treasure chest no okay cool more beetles now thats us okay good Id hear more beetles I was gonna say I cant absorb my orbs that what suck all right so yeah you can see their bonus experience if you do awesome in a battle youre gonna get extra experience which means more perks which means well its not think no seriously duel of the fighting styles in this game because you can like switch between weapons like crazy there we go cool glowing mushrooms I go in this room I dont think theres a treasure chest in here that hit that shoot that again goes in the door opens up magic love it okay way get out my sword okay theres a little area you can go back here theres some books on this show its really random but lets see go back here theres a treasure chest back here and some beetles notice my dog is helping me fight yet he will eventually youll see why you can get some books in here Im not gonna read all these books I think you can look them up online if you really know I just like to get

him to sell them because you know anyway these boxes because theyre in our way and we dont like things getting away and what do we get Jones health potion whoo okay go over here all right another chest this ones brown music come on open it all right no no no no I kind of got your necklace okay so were gonna go down here back up through this shimmy of an entrance and hey look we are just broken doors the heros guild now if any of you please this Academy trade on the supremely gifted sons and daughters about being bound together by the blood that flowed in their veins once worshiped by the people of Albion the great heroes came to be feared and hated no man alive today remembers the night the guild burned now it lies forgotten but the heroes are not all gone you are here okay magic power absorber okay so now we have our Jodys experience you have collected into strength skill or will strength improves combat with hand-to-hand weapons skill allows you to shoot faster and with greater accuracy will gives you control over the forces of magic okay so yeah as she said crap okay never mind shes gonna keep talking before you is a colors gate it reacts to the will of one who seeks to use it you have not been able to use will yet but the simple act of reaching this place has you will experience you need to learn a will ability to activate the colors gate okay so now we can go to our ability screen now use the knowledge youve gained so far I think I see yourself in strength skill and well okay so basically she wants us to learn a will ability which is just any kind of magic

any spell realistically yeah you can also choose strength and skill ability to do that yet so this is tough you can also refund your experience if need be were gonna go for unlimited power so yeah we now have lightning usual will ability to hit the flip switch and power up the gate once activated it will allow you to travel back to power well done now you are ready to begin your journey use the colors gate okay now a lot of you might notice this chest here will actually all of you might notice this chest here you can actually go into this and it has some pretty cool items in it depending on if you played the chicken chaser game which is on the Xbox Live page Im not exactly sure but I will definitely put a link in the description to it if youd like to play it and get your secret items there are three different I guess rewards and they all come with like three different items each theyre pretty good Im pretty sure Im going to get the lion head tattoos and the hero doll so lets see yep yep and yep okay so yeah thats pretty cool you also can get a believe its a book some pink hair dye and then theres the chicken suit again Ill put all the possible rewards in the description for you guys okay so were gonna use this girls go away now put on a full tattoos all right okay lets see you cant really see it because of his hair but yeah I said like a lion design it okay anyway uh yeah and his arms black okay so you just go skate to Bear Lake neato and well be traveling through the rest of this next time Ill see you guys then

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