Kingdom Hearts: Who Is The Master of Masters ACTUALLY?

who is the master of masters
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what is going on everybody and welcome to the video so today I figured I would sit down and I would go over something that a lot of people are posting about online and it actually has to do with the identity of the master of masters so theres a lot of theories going around surrounding the master of masters identity um is it somebody that we know could it be someone completely different now one of the most popular theories thats actually circulating right now is that demux is actually the master of masters now theres a lot of different reasons as to why people are believing that demux could potentially be the master of masters most of them have to do with his disappearance at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3 where did he go is there a reason his mannerisms and then just I guess some of his dialogue thats been dropped throughout the Kingdom Hearts series as a whole however Im going to respectfully disagree with this theory just given the fact that theres a lot more information within Kingdom Hearts 3 in the series in general that weve actually learned about demyx as a whole and just you know whats going on with him and why he is not the master of masters so one of the first reasons as to why I believe demyx is not the master of masters is because his his disappearance in my opinion has to deal with the Union cross narrative its implied throughout the game that not only Lark scene and marluxia but demux in Luxor are also part of the time of Union cross now we havent seen Luxor or demux yet but it being implied sort of implies that we will see them in the future and we will learn a little bit more about demyx as well as lux sword but the fact that demyx is part of that narrative in general sort of makes me believe that he has a bigger role in store for him I wish I shouldnt say bigger but I guess a lesser role than the master of masters you know what I mean I just feel like that demux being the master of masters I dont think he would have been grouped in with those people just as you know xigbar wasnt grouped in with those people the reason why those four are

together means that theyre all together with for the same purpose you know when xemnas says were gonna unlock the secrets of the ancient keyblade war within you thats sort of the reason why demyx is in that group xigbar wasnt in that group because he had a more grand role to play if demux was really the master of masters I feel like in that scene he wouldnt have been include I also just feel as though that once Sandra was defeated and all the other seekers of darkness were defeated it was very evident that they got all of their memories back of course we can look back at Mar Lucias defeat where he was saying that he remembers his true self his purpose for being all that stuff so I really feel like you know once a saint was defeated the grip on demux was released therefore he must have remembered his past just like marluxia did perhaps they went to go meet up with them as somebodies something like that I dont really know again its gonna tie into the narrative you have the Union cross so I could see why it wasnt explained in Kingdom Hearts 3 so another thing that I want to debunk is the whole mannerisms argument now a lot of people are saying that the way he acts the way he talks especially a lot of his body language that does have something to do with the master of masters and I dont consider body mannerisms evidence I dont know if Ill be able to find this because Im recording this before I look up all the screenshots and information and stuff but I do believe that there was a theory at some point in time where people thought xigbar was the master of masters because of his attitude and well yeah we sort of all know how that ended up so Id like to move on and I would like to discuss the secret reports once again the secret reports confirm that the master of masters has not returned yet but he will return its very evident one of Lucias entries where he discusses that once the second Keyblade war is triggered then he will return he being the master of masters he already mentions the other four tellers within the report and then he meant he ends it with he will return which is

obviously the master of masters if theyre a master of masters hasnt returned yet then that means that theres no possible way that he could be within this current timeline theres no way he could be anybody that we know anybody that weve maybe looked over in the past theres I I could not see them doing that because of the way that hes described in the secret report it also implies that this all happens after the second Keyblade war so zan orts Keyblade war therefore the master of masters cannot exist within this current timeline so clearly revealing demux being the master of masters would makes sense given the evidence that we had throughout the secret reports and just other hints drops throughout the game so who is the master of masters if its not demyx then who else could it potentially be if you guys want my honest opinion I do not think the master of Masters could possibly be anybody that we know I think that the whole wushu and xigbar thing was a brilliant twist as Ive said before in previous videos I think the epilogue was one of the greatest scenes in the entire game and that moment specifically was one of the greatest moments in the Kingdom Hearts series in general that whole twist that whole shock of wow Lucias been xigbar this entire time was absolutely amazing however I feel like if they continue to pull the rabbit out of the Hat you know were gonna get a little tired of it if Kingdom Hearts just turns into this hole oh is he really who he says he is is this person really who they are you know its sort of like muddies it up a little bit and I feel like Kingdom Hearts just does a such a good job with its storytelling to the point where if they result to something like you know oh like this person was really this person this person was really that person this pretty you know I know that theres the whole mean that everybody is in or everybody is Sora so I mean sort of splitting up personalities and like know this persons not really that person this person is this person if you continue that narrative and base it off of the epilogue I feel like the epilogue loses a lot of its punch and so does

Lu Shu as a whole I feel like thats very unique to loose you that you know he ended up being xigbar and I I just dont want them to really take away the punch in the kick from the epilogue by making the master of masters somebody that we know I think its possible that it could be someone that we know I mean who knows maybe down the line the master of masters returns but he takes a hold of somebody as a vessel you know if that did end up being demux like then I mean thats a little weird to choose demux but if its demux its demux but if he picks anybody else you know that would was make a little bit more sense he like he hasnt been that person the entire time like Lu Shu its been implied and thrown throughout the ultimania that Lu Shu has had control of braig or xigbar this entire time ever since weve had him in birth by Sleep so this entire time Lu Shu has been break break has been loose you xigbar whatever you want to call it its so confusing to explain but yes so the master of masters in my opinion has not been somebody that weve known this entire time theres just absolutely no way however something interesting that came up about the master of masters comes from the Kingdom Hearts 3 ultimania and Namur has actually stated that the hooded figure that we see within the secret ending making the heart shape at the moon is actually the master of masters himself so this is very interesting because a lot of people were theorizing it myself included I actually said you know right when it came out that I did think that the master of masters was the person given the fact that he made a box shape at the moon before he did it which is obviously symbolizing that his heart is within the black box and then he makes a horror in terms for Kingdom Hearts so I just think theres a lot of symbolism theres a lot of you know foreshadowing that the master of Masters his heart is probably in the box at this point I if its something else that Ill be a little confused but I do think that it is his heart so basically hes just carrying like blue

on the box hes waiting for somebody to you know like take the vessel over blah blah blah take his heart um something to make him return dude I dont know but I do think that the master of masters is somebody that we dont know for the fact that its just its its too suspicious at this point its too well put together its too specific that the master of Masters was supposed to come back after the second keyblade war in the fact that he is within this what what the fans are calling a purgatory state quote-unquote the fact that hes there with Sora and Riku really does imply that hes sort of in that similar reality also give him the fact that we cant imply that since the master of Masters has not been present and we do see him in this reality where Sora is where Riku is and where you Sora is I think its very clear that the master Masters has been here this entire time so theres absolutely no way that he has been somebody that weve known this entire time however guys thats my little rant thats my little explanation as to why I dont think the master of Masters has said anybody that we know especially somebody like demux I think that Kingdom Hearts is going to continue this narrative theyre gonna make it more suspicious and less easy to guess than it has been in the past especially with the epilogue and the way that they did that I think that its very unpredictable theyve got a lot of things up their sleeve were getting a lot of information from the ultimania helping us basically theorize as to whats going on and just based off of all that stuff I think that the master of masters identity is going to be a secret until we obviously get to see it for ourselves so I hope you guys enjoyed the video please let me know down below all of your thoughts and opinions do you think that the master of masters is somebody that we know or do you think that theres something else that we are not really saying correctly please dont forget to do that like the video and most important subscribe to my channel for more Kingdom Hearts content and yeah to the next video I will catch you all later bye bye

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