Katchakid Pool Safety Net, Removal, Putting on. Pool Safety Part 1 of 3

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okay this is prayer well show you but this is a I call it the spider-man station mesh Ill give you the correct term in the comments but basically what they do is they drill holes all around your pool install this particular netting and in order to get it off even had this pulley and Ill show you how I take it off its a highly effective safety device but they do have to alter your deck by drilling these holes and things clips okay in the safety net does have its drawbacks number one is pretty hard to get off and on and you do take it all the way off sometimes its hard to match up for homeowners to match up where the each peg goes in the hole and you need this pulley to actually get it off so its a little bit cumbersome to get on and off use your pool regularly and so Im going to take it what I do is I put the pulley into the slot there so this hole holding secure Ill then securely then I clip this on this little ring here this little rope ring and then what I do is I just simply pull the pulley back and reduce it and then I then what that does is that pulls out this hook so thats out now and then I just release it we release it real

quick I simply release it with that lever and now I can get this hook off this ones out and theres one more over there now thats how I can get the other one out pretty easily let me go ahead and unhook this and this is the second one thats holding the net on Im going to go ahead and just pull this out with my hand now that I got that tension off and then I can simply start unhooking these one by one around the pool to open up the netting and Ill show what that looks like okay so this particular picture kidnet they have it actually marked it where it starts some of them Ive seen painted black they know where the key points are just one he doesnt have that but it does have a marked peg way to start you can see I already pulls in the net off of there Im going to get the other part of the pool off dude so I basically pull it all the one side and I leave this last row in that way I can put it back on after I clean the pool if youre going to use this for part you can definitely the whole netting off just remember it has marked where it actually begins to put it back on correctly and Ill go ahead and show you how hook it back

up okay youll notice this pool is rectangular but they also make it for freeform pools and even for a spa with a free-form pool so they actually make these nets for any pool size or shape its just a matter of putting the pegs and they go putting the drilling the holes in the ground to put the hooks in and so they can make it for any style pool you want I just simply pull it back over the pool and now Im going to put a man back in there holes one by one and I work my way around the whole pool this way hes kind of tight a higher some but its the only way to do it just got to put them in one by one as you walk around the pool so Im go ahead and do that okay before I use that pulley to put the back on I always walk around just to make sure that all the hooks are in I do that I walk around the whole pool inspect the hooks okay then I reverse the process I reattached this one here first and then Im going to go ahead and reattach part by the pulley right now its going to pull really tight Im going to pull this side I suppose like again Im still good 18 inches away from that hole Im going to go ahead and

unwind the pulley and hook it onto this loop here in the rope help me pull it in okay so you can see I have the pulley and I have it hooked onto this rope Im going to get this hook and I want to put it in this peg theres no way to humanly pull it unless you have Herculean power without just pulley so definitely you need this Im going to go ahead reverse it Im going to pull this boat short when I get it close enough up with that peg pulling it in plug it get it close enough where I can put this in and then once thats in there I go ahead and release the pulley now that I release the pulley go out this here and the pool net will be quickly tight take its safety net back on and there you have the safety net fully restored on the pool it took me about ten minutes to get it off ten minutes to get back on so it is kind of labor-intensive to do correctly and you may get faster as you do it more often we just got to make sure that all those hooks are in otherwise you defeat the purpose of the safety net and now its totally childproof theres no way can you get that off without that fully and the really well-made safety device for your pool

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