Kail Lowry PREGNANT by Chris Again After He Tried to SIGN AWAY RIGHTS to Lux??

who is kailyn lowry pregnant by
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whats up everybody and welcome back to my channel apparently there is a warrant out for Chris Lopezs arrest after he allegedly violated a protective order that kill Larry had in place against him and thats not even everything apparently on top of all of this kill is allegedly pregnant with her and Chriss second child and her fourth overall this information was leaked online after Chris Lopezs aunt had had enough of kale and took to Instagram to share a photograph of what appears to be kales hands holding a sonogram of a child thats said to be due on July 25th in conversation with teen mom shades room on Instagram Chriss aunt says that leaking all of this information was her way of serving calcine karma for dragging Chris through the mud which seems to be her alluding to Chris being arrested for allegedly assaulting kill back in October if this child is due in July it seems as though he or she may have been conceived back in October which is also the month where Chris was allegedly arrested for allegedly assaulting kale so you kind of have to wonder which came first the assault or the pregnancy but either way its sad that this is even a topic of conversation here it seems as though chris is not happy whatsoever with his aunt for even coming out with this information and he released quite a few Instagram stories alluding to that fact as well one of which included the song lyrics to a song that read and I quote somebody aint real ima cut my Alliance and come on who else could he be talking about but his aunt whos out here putting

his business with his baby mama kale out on Front Street the drama doesnt even end there you guys according to the Ashleys reality roundup a couple of months ago in a court hearing that the two had Chris actually tried to sign away his rights to their son looks you know that just makes all of this even worse like the fact that kale is pregnant by him right now knowing that he has been trying to sign away his rights to his son and the only reason that he still has rights to a son LOX is because a judge refused to allow him to sign over the rights I have to say though that like knowing how much crit Im not Chris Kael fights to be a single mother Im shocked that she didnt campaign with Chris in order to have his rights stripped because it seems that if Jo or javi wanted to do something like that she would jump straight through the roof in order to like make sure to get them to the courthouse pay their legal fees anything they needed in order to make sure that that could happened I do actually have someone within Kail circle that I talked to from time to time and so I asked this person whether or not Jo and javi know anything about Kayla allegedly being pregnant or even this domestic violence situation going on between her and Chris and they said that neither jo Jo sori nor javi know at this moment and anything that they do potentially know is through you know reading the blogs or watching any kind of video just like anybody else here which is incredibly sad considering

this affects the children that they share with her as well like this whole situation is just so trashy and toxic on so many levels there are so many moving pieces to this story that Im struggling to understand what kind of astounds me the most like the fact that the domestic violence charge and the conception date seems to be like probably within the same couple of weeks if not the exact same week or night I dont know or the fact that kayla is pregnant again by someone that she spent like the last year-and-a-half calling a deadbeat on national television all over the press and everything she said that she didnt even know if hes gonna appear at the birth of their son Lux Im she claims like he never did anything for him whenever he tried to drop off diapers and clothes for the baby she went on TV and taunted him about it and said that all of it was like garbage essentially or the fact that you know this is the guy that she claimed that she got pregnant with on purpose because her doctor told her that like she only had one last shot at getting pregnant or something like that and that Lux was a miracle baby meanwhile who was actually conceived in a strip mall parking lot and now here we are again with another messy Concepcion story for the next child that they shared together I dont know what else or that she and Chris were in court this past fall which is the same time that this child was conceived with Chris trying to sign away his rights for the child that they already do have

like I just I really dont know what to say I just cannot for the life of me understand why these women or how these women can be paid so much to sit up there on television and preach about birth control and like being smart when choosing partners to like younger girls who look up to them and continue to live their lives so fricken recklessly like this is not cool at all at all by any stretch of the imagination and I do also have to say that Chris allegedly assaulting kill is just icing on the terrible terrible cake this relationship that kale has with Chris is toxic and abusive on so many levels and I hope that she can eventually find at the strength to leave its just sad that shes bringing a child into the situation rather than having used birth control protection abortion like anything to prevent this from happening because this is just so unfair to the child thats going to be brought up in the middle of this you know especially when you know that this guy does not want to be a father Kelly has been posting quite a lot recently about being in therapy so that is good for her I hope that therapy helps her to get out of this relationship and you know you guys it really is not easy to get out of an abusive or a toxic relationship it is called a cycle of abuse for a reason Chris is probably continuously reeling her back in by you know pretending to be this great guy and she falls for it and then it gets too volatile all over again they break up get

and it just keeps happening until you know one of them gets sick of the other for good or unfortunately in a lot of cases something just so violent that they cant come back from does end up happening so it is important to keep that in mind and have some level of compassion for her when dealing with this especially now knowing that she allegedly is pregnant its just so sad and I hope that the show takes these sorts of things a lot more seriously I would love to see this situation be called what it is on television toxic and abusive and I would love to see kale be given options to leave on television because a lot of people are in these kinds of relationships and dont reckon for what they are they think that they are these passionate love affairs when in fact theyre not theyre abusive toxic relationships that you should be trying to get out of and I hope that this is what its portrayed as on the next season of Teen Mom 2 instead of just another you know storyline about these girls being pregnant yet again she is on her fourth child care you guys Chris has a warrant out for her arrest for allegedly assaulting her he also tried to sign his rights away delux like this whole situation is so messy that Im just sitting by ready to hear everything that you have to say about it so please make sure to leave all of your thoughts and opinions in the comment section down below and as usual well chat thats all for now thank you so much for watching and Ill see you next time

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