JQuery Is Not Defined ( $ is not defined ) (Reference Error: $ is not defined)

uncaught referenceerror: $ is not defined
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hello gates welcome to our technolog garden today we are going to discuss about one of the issues checker error jQuery is not defines this course they are winning in this error you will get this error in the following three situations first

you have not added the jquery win file to your page second you have added the javascript file before loading the jquery mean file curve you have modified the decrement file so that the degree is not available these are the three situations

here you can explain this error lets consider how to resolve this issue for resolving this issue we have to add the jQuery mean file in the head section as you can see in this example I have added the jQuery mean file

in safe head section it should we notice that the taken win file should be able all other JavaScript file so that jQuery miss fight builder first and then the other JavaScript file build oh and the important point is that we need

to place the JavaScript code inside the window ready so that Jake Ramin file will be completely available for jousted code by this way we can resolve this issue thank you guys for watching this video please visit technomage loading for more information

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