Java Tutorial | How to fix a .getClass().getResource(path) NullPointerException!

exception in thread “main” java.lang.nullpointerexception
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everybody today Ill be showing you how to fix a null pointer exception in Java thats caused by when you try to use toolkit dot get equal to get not yet class dont get resource path instead of using an absolute system path and then just to show you what the exception is Im going to run as soon as I run it I get a Java dot link null pointer exception and started in line 24 13 and 20 so thats the way it went and today Im going to show you how to fix it inside of that we do have a test start and give its tiny but its still there yeah and we want to make it work and right off the bat

Im going to tell you why this does not work its better if I probably show you so Im going to go and then we do have our red folder and it does have our test on kit but when our program runs the Java is going to try to find Java is going to try to find something inside of the bin folder because thats where our thing starts off thats where a program is going to be run from since this is like the package that we declared over here package s on steep Java is going to run it from bin because bin is the parent directory of SRC now you guys are thinking your guys are probably thinking well what does that have

to do with this its because our res folder is not inside of our bin folder and Java cant access it now Im going to show you exactly how to fix that as I said we have a package called a sourcing but but its actually uh lets try making up so the way to fix it is to make a package hope I am but anyway is to make a package and put the image inside of it I like calling my package Reds because a lot of other youtubers do it and it stands for resource this so it just makes sense to me then well get an empty package just move in all the things that you need into that and then we dont

even need that folder and okay and now as you can see we still have the test dot in Shia but when I run it as you can see its really really small but yeah we have an image right there right here yeah anyway we have an image right there and we just fixed that error yeah if you guys want the code that I have a link to it will be done in the description you just need to copy and paste it for a paste bin into your java into eclipse and yeah thank you for watching guys if you enjoyed it feel free to like comment or even subscribe to me it really helps out and thats about it for this video goodbye

NullPointerException, Java (Programming Language)
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