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Ricky whats going on Tyler Jonathan we got precious a surprise yall hold on why me we got precious a surprise guess what it is yall ready to know what it is its a race car but Im gonna tell her that Im gonna give her my van and see what she says we got your surprise hold on like it aint no it stays on me we got you a surprise Queen pair of shoes I was gonna give you I was gonna I was gonna give you my van thats my personal van and if you wont there Im gonna give it to just pay for it dont got no pants oh my baby works in my van yeah if you want it Im gonna let you personally have my van Ill Drive it Im driving wheels had a clear table to it people can laugh well I got attitude you want the van or what I nod hey Ill get rid of my van Im gonna show you I got you something else no I dont know 40 thats dont tell me its the board there come your surprise come on go check it out go to the look at your boomer life Quinn youve been driving zip-tie

you know it and youve been driving old heavy you know you even drove the heifer you know we family you drive we drive anything and everything because ours is all belongs to us youve never had your own car this is your car nobody else has driven it on the street and raised it nobody else is driven this car and raced it on the street its a super nice car I dont know but this baby this is yours its yours you know Ive been letting you drive zip-tie letting you drive over Havey youve drove and and dont get me wrong were family you can still always Drive anything we got we dont never triple math but just babys yours you say who drives it to you check it out we County put our little brand on it got the blacktop look at and you cant see it you can shine your lights down like gold sparkles we put into place when we done it its yours it dont belong – no – yours chrome bumpers its got chrome bone its a real car its yours its baby here belongs to you and of course you can you know we always read the ledger a/c anything we got you

know that were family [Laughter] I dont know I love it getting that boat seat nurse let you go Im gonna fix the sea turtle City gonna fix it for you jump in theres one in one of our cars go check yep Jesses old car so I show you everything everything is right here just like you all the other cars over there yeah all right crank it up do I have to give it gas Im not too much okay turn the nation on cricket powers off let me turn your power see this area here take it down unless youre doing a bar now yall stay on this side of the wall stay on this sides of all girls going off crystal whats up – whats up Chris thats the future racer right yeah a little later I made it yeah baby the underside night Chris oh just one freeze-out she likes that donkey thats how I read it she deserves it I like it okay I can lock were getting ready to make some money without it we dont get there dont somebody treat hashtag Queen didnt really get paid the good thing is its hers whats going on dewford

whats up James Robinson whats going on Bobby she still snorting it dad came to cant tell the Queen nothing she got them have moons on him headlights LJs ready whats going on JC whats up Robert Vic you see that thing bad breath hashtag real real car real street racer thank you [Laughter] when I whenever I stomped it I got adjusted for short things nice heres the only thing I can eat and I didnt have time you know weve painted done all the paint and everything put your mirrors on it get your mirrors and get your chrome thing to go get the comb that goes right there on the kicker panels all right guys were gonna jump off here much love lets respect everybody whats going on yeah we got a name whats gonna be the name well have to think about it got a think about it got a thing you know you are from Kaiser your mom and daddy lives in Kaiser we could name it we could name it name him Kaiser what you think about death okay well your mom daily Kaiser Arkansas oh my god we had here we gotta think of a name yall let us know the names what yall think

JJ da boss
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