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who is the traitor in my hero academia
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right now were knee-deep in the season three of my hero academia and the show is bigger than ever at this point right now our heroes are dealing with probably the biggest threat that theyve ever faced oh and before we go any further this video is gonna have some spoilers for this season of the anime as well as some small manga spoilers down the line alright so with that out of the way we can discuss how the students of you a just cant seem to catch a break in just one semester theyve already had to deal with villains attacking them unexpectedly at the unforeseen simulation joint theyve had the intense sports festival they were then shoved into unpaid internships tears like Deku tenia and Todoroki had an actual life-or-death confrontation with one of the most dangerous villains out there and then after all of that they still had to deal with final exams god I couldnt even be bothered to open my math textbooks when I was in high school well look at least its summer now and theyre at a relaxing training camp and theyve just been invaded by an elite task force of villains just like at the usj but with all of these unprecedented ambushes the UA keeps dealing with an obvious question presents itself how is the league of villains so smoothly infiltrating the school someones got to be an informant here someones got to be letting the league know whats up Im Jacob with Channel Frederator and today well see if we cant unearth this supposin mole these goggles are too delicate and not well-made enough so Im gonna take them off nobody use your quirks alright the activities of you a are said to be pretty tightly guarded their relationship with the media isnt the most amicable and its been said multiple times in the show that the school schedule is known only to the staff in order to avoid intervention from outsiders hows that been working out again right so how does this keep happening well its explicitly said in the latest episode and later in Chapter 98 of the manga by you a staff that there must be a traitor among the characters were already familiar with and oh boy you know what that means everybodys a suspect lets first establish everything we know about the traitor as well as the league of villains and their goals and then well go through our suspects so as of right now since we know so little about the traitor other than that there probably is one were gonna be making some assumptions that I totally concede could be wrong namely that a the traitor is probably reporting to shigaraki as opposed to going above his head like – all for one and that be theyve probably been a traitor since the very beginning of the series before that whole mess at the usj Tomer shigaraki has grown quite a bit but at the beginning of the series his ethos for being a villain was pretty vague even to himself so unclear in fact that he and stain came to blows since Shigure Rockys original reasoning of basically telling anyone you dont like was nonsensical to someone who doesnt care for needless bloodshed like stain yes that is one of his core tenets since then she caracas found his footing and now strives to show society just how fragile it is without its symbol of peace and his philosophy is that heroes are ultimately dangerous since they make society more apathetic as they wait around for heroes to save the day an outlook that he likely always held but didnt know how to act upon until recently and this is generally held up against other villains mantras like Stane who believes that heroes are false idols who only care about their bottom line write this down this will be on the test so what about the other circumstances surrounding the traitor well we know that during the incident at usj all communications were down making outside contact impossible short of sending someone in person like Tania and based on the info they had the villains were under the impression that all might would be there so that they could kill him but this is something that both 13 and Aizawa knew wasnt true so that effectively eliminates them from being suspects though they were never really under suspicion anyway after the usj the other big info leak that came to the league was during the summer training camp this camp intentionally took place somewhere that was only known to a select few staff members in order to keep it a secret from villains again how did that work out this would naturally imply that the traitor is a member of UA staff and nez ooze assumption that its a student in the manga is a false one but since this is a show about people with varying superpowers we also need to ask the question which of the students could relay their location or otherwise gain this info so as this tradition we have like a million suspects and very little information to go on so lets get to it were gonna work our way through class 1a but there are theories about literally every one so were gonna have a bit of a lightning round to get rid of as many class 1a people as we can and then were gonna assign plausibility ratings to

everybody left keep in mind though that this is an overview so we dont really have time today to get into every single piece of evidence for every single character but with that in mind lets go firstly right away eASIC whos the protagonist hes out the lead captured Baku go to try to recruit him hes out 10 yen Todoroki have both played pivotal roles in several arts weve also heard their internal monologue several times about their philosophies on their interpretation of what it means to be a true hero so theyre out to on the opposite side of the spectrum it probably wouldnt be somebody that we know almost nothing about or somebody whos had very little screen time the show does thankfully give everybody their time in the spotlight now and then but for the reveal to be impactful it would have to be somebody that weve established a connection with we would have to feel betrayed and if it turned out to be somebody like Otero Kota Sato or cero we probably wouldnt be all that heartbroken wed probably just be like of who weve got left frankly theyre all suspects but were gonna eliminate some of them because as I was writing this I had to actually stop myself from writing a one-hour video so were gonna eliminate Jiro and Mina because there isnt a whole lot to talk about there yet Kirishima mostly because of his actions in the latest episode as well as Takayama and Mineta toko Yami because a mr. compressed went after him during the training camp and be because hes too difficult to control and Minetta because he is just the worst and revealing him to be the traitor would probably have the opposite effect that would be intended of everyone left we know that Momo is capable of creating tracking devices it would allow her to broadcast her position no matter where she was this is by far the biggest piece of evidence against her though because pretty much everything else is speculation and unless shes very deep undercover her tagging one of the and guards and the events that follow would probably absolve her of any suspicion so Id rate the plausibility of momoyo euros who being the trader like one but Roche could all out of five theres also rumblings of sue you being the trader but really the only piece of evidence is her acting evasive one time further in the manga where she doesnt show the rest of the classmates her dorm room and its revealed later in that chapter that she was working through some personal demons at the time so I dont feel confident saying that shes the trader either zero-point-five goggles out of five no Im not biased because shes my favorite shut up next Aoyama a few months ago he shot up to the top of a bunch of peoples lists of being the possible trader once again some small manga spoilers here so head over to this timestamp if you want to move on to the next suspect the suspicion of a yama was mostly because of one panel at the end of chapter 167 of the manga where we see him watching easy to sleep from outside the text then that last panel isms all that comforting either since it alludes to his true nature finally coming out but this was back in January and the next chapter of the manga pretty much clears him of this creepy factor okay yeah its still an incredibly creepy thing to do but the reason he did it was revealed to be pretty well meaning and not very traitor like at all not to mention that he eventually attacked compress to save Tokyo Yami and Bakugan when he could have just as easily not engaged with the villains at all so while he may have been the front runner as the traitor for a small window of time I think we can confidently cross him off the list with 0.5 twinkles out of 5 next weve got Tohru whose movements are a little difficult to keep track of for obvious reasons but on top of being invisible which would be a super useful skill set for eavesdropping on sensitive info or other infiltration tactics the full scope of her quirk is unknown since we dont know if she can turn her invisibility on or off we assume that shes just invisible all of the time but for all we know she couldnt just be using her invisibility as a disguise she also seemed noticeably absent at the usj incident she claims she was stuck in the landslide zone with Todoroki but we didnt really see her fight or speak making her alibi pretty weak not to mention that on this map of the usj from the manga her whereabouts are listed as unknown no one knew where yama was either but one more quick point on the day the student council president was elected its shown in the manga that theres one less vote than the amount of students in the class assuming that everybody in the class voted for themselves and based on the analysis of the votes its clear that Toru abstain from the vote Totoro keys name was also absent from the board but we know that he voted for Momo because he was there here he is but this means that Toru probably wasnt in the room at the time this was

also the day of the media frenzy that caused the panic before the usj incident that allowed the villains to retrieve the info about the class to be held there so Toru suppose an absence is a huge point here also remember the end of season 2 that incredibly uncomfortable meeting between shigaraki and hes a coup at the mall now who was it that suggested they all go to the mall again wipe that grin off your face youre on trial here based on everyone weve looked at so far this is some pretty damning evidence unless she can find her way out of that hole Id have to rate the likelihood of Toru being the traitor 3.5 Tori was out of 5 hed get it theres nothing there because because shes invisible three point five gloves out of five now lets talk about Shoji for a bit well he was attacked during the training camp park it was in a way that wasnt debilitating he says himself that his DUPLO arms can duplicate themselves and effectively grow back and that is exactly what moonfish severed but that in the end meaningless attack sure did get the job done in getting dark shadow to flip out and derail the entire training camps defense efforts furthermore particular care is put into the names of all of these characters and met so Shojis name is apparently a reference to this Japanese proverb which translates roughly to walls have ears Shoji have eyes Shoji being those sliding wooden and paper doors associated with Japanese architecture its possible that his name could just be a reference to his quirk how hes able to hear exceptionally well and see more than most other people but could there possibly be a more duplicitous meaning to these words his quirk would allow him to hear people from awfully far away or even in different rooms discussing guarded info and to be fair Jiro would also have this ability to hear people through walls but we cant talk about every single person today Im saying that more to myself right now than I am said anybody else furthermore we later see in the manga that when showed he moves into his dorm he doesnt put anything in it claiming to be minimalist but you know maybe its just so that he doesnt leave a trace okay that last point might have been a bit of a stretch but Im liking Shoji for this the more I think about it so on the plausibility meter I would rate his likelihood of being the traitor three diplomats out of five now what about the theory that were Iraq as the trainer I know this isnt the most popular choice and really the only reason shes here is because it would be the most devastating reveal but come on wouldnt that hurt so much if the first friend deku ever made it you a turned out to be a double crosser but outside of this meta reasoning is there anything in universe we can look at well her motivation for being a hero is a sticking point for a lot of people she says herself that shes very blatantly in it for the money its money so that she can give her parents a comfortable life yes but money all the same and while this outlook may be in direct contrast to villains like Stane who believe that any heroism done for financial gain is inherently a self-serving act if she were revealed to be a villain this would recontextualize things if she were being paid by shigaraki that would help both his point and stains Shigure Rockys point that society is far more fragile than we think would be proven by his ability to rip a glimmer of hope from peoples lives namely Oh choco sweet innocent demeanor and stains point would be proven because assuming of chocos backstory about wanting to provide for her parents is true it would prove that everyone has their price and that true altruism is much rarer than we think that said we have heard her internal monologue before she seems to genuinely look up to Deku she seems our earnest in her hero motivation and while her character was being conceptualized steps were taken to ensure that she didnt become too dark of a character theres a whole bunch of other stuff we could talk about but we got a crawl out of this rabbit hole eventually all told Id say that her plausibility for being the traitor is that two balls hurled into space out of five after all unlike most of the people weve already talked about we dont know how she would be able to retrieve classified info to leak in the first place I would have one rabbit hole and into another lets talk about arguably the most well known traitor theory that of dinky kaminari firstly if anybody is going to be able to give off their position its common re the electrical impulses he gives off would make him as every version of this theory calls it a walking GPS not to mention hes able to communicate with others remotely as Aizawa commands him to contact others outside the usj but of course he couldnt he was too busy jamming the signal we that was one of the villains doing this but its just as plausible that our traitor was the one that was stealing off all communication people are also

quick to mention that his original concept art made him seem much more villainous before becoming the doofy class 1-a member that we all know and love on top of this there are claims that common re may have planned for the training camp Ark way ahead of time failing the final exam on purpose so that he would be stuck in the remedial lessons during the invasion meaning that he wouldnt have to fight people have also mentioned that his claim in episode 20 of season 2 that stains demeanor seemed kind of cool as suspect but we also see later in the final episode of the season that stores are selling stained merch and to kids even comment on how cool it looks so this doesnt seem to be too out there of an opinion thats not the only problem with this idea though while its true that he may have maintained his supposed cover during the training camp he also kicked the asses of like a bunch of dudes at the usj which seems to contradict this idea and while were talking about the training camp it was the understanding of the students that anyone who bombed to the final exam wouldnt go to the camp at all so if he had to be at the camp to send out his location this plan would have completely failed if he wasnt able to go in the first place and finally yes original concept art was kind of scary but Jesus have you seen Dec whose original design hes terrifying theres some more small stuff we glossed over but since hes been around since the very beginning and we still know shockingly little about him I would put common Ahris likelihood as the traitor at three phases out of five okay so weve exhausted class 1a but were not quite done yet there are a bunch more suspects we could get into but were only gonna talk about one more today and in my opinion theyre a pretty likely culprit it may be a little bit out of left field but I think that a good guess is Vlad king the homeroom teacher of class 1b being a faculty member he would know the school schedule as well as which teachers were supposed to be were making the usj tip-off possible he spent most of the training camp invasion inside away from the action and finally every time the League of villains has infiltrated UA class 1-a has been in the center of it sure class 1b was also involved in the training camp Ark but since Baku go was their primary target and subsequently captured Aizawa would clearly be slammed with way more bad press than Vlad king after all this isnt the first time I saw his classes found themselves in the middle of an vation they were already dealing with fallout from the usj incident at that point Vlad King just having all of his students accounted for would be seen as a win and it would convince people that hes a better educator and probably a better hero than Eraserhead of course there are a couple problems with this theory first of all he hasnt had a whole lot of screen time and second of all he might be a little too peripheral to the main cast to be considered the traitor but at the same time as a faculty member in charge of a different class he wouldnt have a whole lot of opportunities to affect deku story just yet and while we might not know anything about him or his motivations for being the traitor we also have a bit of a buffer zone because we dont know anything about him and for that reason I would rate his likelihood of being the traitor for you a low goes out of five for now at least unfortunately were not going to be finding out the answer to any of this any time soon if the anime continues at its current pace were 83 chapters into the manga right now which currently has 100 more chapters and still no reveal of a traitor so were probably gonna have a lot of time to talk about this and honestly I wouldnt be surprised if we came back to it further down the line though now that Ive said that knowing my luck the trader will probably be revealed in the next chapter of the manga I know that this show is personal to a lot of us and everyones got their ideas so let us know who you think the trader could be whether its a member of class 1-a that you think we eliminated too early or a member of the faculty or even somebody that we didnt even have time to mention today and while youre leaving your impassioned comments below be sure to let us know of any conspiracy ideas youd like us to take a look at in the future or even if you want us to take a more detailed look at any of the suspects and of course make sure you subscribe to channel Frederator and click that little Bell icon to join our notification squad and keep up with any trader speculation as well as a bunch more awesome videos from our team and also you should check out our patreon where we post behind the scenes footage extended creator interviews and more once again Im Jacob and never forget Frederator loves you

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