Is she really nero’s mom? Devil May Cry

who is neros mother
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okay so is this woman really Neros mom right there with the red dress now the now that we know that Virgil is indeed Neros father damn it I blanked out for a sec my bad so now that we know that Virgil is Neal dad and then people coming back to the scene in Doublemint cry for and they you know theyre saying that this woman is uh Neals mom right and if you think thats Neros mom let me show you something okay so the child see what was

going on and on clips something off so I show them clay specifically because thats the same woman that was looking at back at Virgil with the red dress and theres like more than one so what I was trying to show you guys when Im Clips is that if she was really Neals mom then why isnt she sitting next to him you know next to him like you know touching him you know like a mom or when some will react and why is Neal not acknowledging her like

when Dante shows up but I Oh mom get out the way or some shit like that because thats not his mom now this cuz yall see a fucking red dress woman looking at Virgil in the damn cinematic opening doesnt mean thats his mom I mean Evils mom cuz if that was only her mom why is she she sitting next to him in church you know asking him questions I mean they dont have to do preaching and everything but you know sitting next to him you know like

looking at him well Im and this is my son Im so proud of you or some shit like that you know and you know why when Dante shows up neo doesnt even care because that was not his mom thats not his mom now you tell me if if that if yall still think that thats Neils mom tell me why tell me why do you think that is des Im his mom its not this nice mom dude does not his mom I just want to make this little

people like they keep saying that does his mom and its like no shes not though shes not his mom anyways this is just a little quick video about this little issue I mean song at least I just made this video because I just want to I just wanted it to be out there and you know maybe more people are alike but realize like oh damn thats not really his mom me over here saying that his mom is old time you know anyways thanks for watching young

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