Is BlueStacks Safe for PC?

is bluestacks safe
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hey whats up guys is our question techno define and welcome to a fresh new video well in this video Im gonna talk about is bluestacks or any emulator in that case is safe or not all they are making our PC computers Macs whatever you are you use you say making them slow or not well if you want to know about that or is this video till the end and yes there is a bell outside someone is ringing it and I meditated by that but Im making video so before getting into the answers and the conclusion is BlueStacks or any emulator safe or not we have to know what are these applications are well as the name suggests emulators are in this case Android emulators well they are running are emulating OS on top of your ways whether you use Mac Windows or Linux most of Android emulators are available for all those oss so if you are use any of them and if you use any Android emulator you already know that you can run Android or any are like if you run if you use emulator for playing games those old n64 games or Game Boy games so yeah they run games they emulate the OS but yeah so now lets talk about all those applications are safe or not well to be honest most of those applications are safe the reason is very simple because you have to think in in business standpoint if those applications have virus in them most of the people are not going to use those applications and if

there are not a good amount of users the company is not gonna last for very long and they have to shut the doors so thats the reason for business standpoint and generally most of the Android emulator doesnt have viruses but you have to know one thing that you need to download those applications from a good source if you are downloading those applications from a malicious website or a web that you dont know those websites can have like infected applications so yeah I suggest generally dont use all those websites to download your applications but at the end of the day most of the emulators are safe now lets talk about is those emulators making your PC slower well to be honest the answer is yes and at the same time no why well first things first those applications need resources those application needs RAM those application needs CPU power GPU power so if you dont have enough GPU power CPU power or Ram it can slow your PC like more the minimum specs for most of the emulators are at least you need to have 4 Kbytes of RAM and if you have lesser than that its gonna make your PC slower and it wouldnt run smoothly so if you have lesser than forgiveness and I suggest you just dont use anymore later in that case but if you have more than that well now you have to know that because those applications are running they are making cache files temp files and all these files and these fat when these files add up to a

larger number they can make your PC slower so what you need to do is regularly clean your cache a files temp files and all those that all those things that way you can make your PC healthier or faster or like if you dont if you even dont use any emulator I suggest you go and clean your caching files and them fast they can drastically improve your performance believe me and now lets talk about another thing and that is all these applications are startup applications so when you boot your computer they also gonna launch and start running in background and not only BlueStacks Chrome utorrent and a bunch of like lot of antivirus and a bunch of other applications are startup application when you boot your computer they also launch and run in background and they started you know eating your resources that is the reason it can make your PC slower and its not only for the BlueStacks its its for all those applications which are running on background so what do you need to do if thats happening go to task manager go to the startup tab and then go to the application you want to disable the startup option go to that and the simple as simple as that and I think I have shown you in the screen how to do it so go to there and I have look for the application you dont want to boot when youve completed when you boot your computer just disable them but leave antivirus on and if any important applications is there leave them

on so now for the conclusion most of the Android emulators or any emulators are safe if you are downloading them from a reliable source if you are not they are not safe is those applications making a PC store well if you dont have the minimum specs or the recommended specs it can but at the same time if you have minimum order recommended specs they also can make your PC slower by adding up caching and then file so I suggest you regularly clean them but at the end of the day what I want to suggest you if you are using BlueStacks or emulator for playing games or doing any work dont use it too much okay dont get into it too much most of you guys have already a smartphone for Android uses use your phone for your computer uses user computer that way you can make a healthy balance of using emulators your own OS and your Android smart if you liked the video and if you find this interesting and informative why dont it comes a button if you dont come on leave it is like I dont have a problem with that but I suggest you if you have any query any questions in your mind feel free to comment down and if you made this far why did you subscribe to my channel like why dont do it its totally free and if you want to share this video with your friend who might need this do it again its free and theres a cache and Ill see you guys pretty soon

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