International Actors Part 1

who is the central actor in international relations?
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hello everyone this is a video for the topic of international actors who are this international actors we have seven different kinds of factors States Agios media individuals criminal organisations MNCs and NGOs first of all we have state state are institutions that work together inside a territory having well established population database a government that is recognized by other states the state has different elements first of all we have population territory sovereignty government and diplomatic recognition the definition of state a concept of state starts in after the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 where this concept of modern state the state that we know right now is conceived and we have the concept of sovereignty that means no intervention no other country can get inside your country and to tell you what to do we have right now a hundred and ninety-six countries in the world and we have examples of of different entities that are not consider countries like that examples are Hong Kong Bermuda Greenland Puerto Rico and the most notably that the constituent parts of the United Kingdom which are the Northern Ireland Wales Scotland and England those parts are not countries there there are regions that are part of the United Kingdom and of those 196 countries we only have a hundred and ninety-three in the United Nations

but whats going on with this other three these other three countries that are not recognized by all countries are Taiwan the Vatican City and Kosovo so which is the newest country in the world the newest country in the world is South Sudan which gained independence from Sudan on July 9th 2011 this happened after a as an outcome of a peace deal that was done in 2005 and that ended the longest running civil war in history so the state has different components first of all we have geography the second is Natural Resources population and strong power and soft power one side we have strong power that is measurable industrial development army and infrastructure on the other side we have soft power that is not measurable that is qualitative we have national unity support of the population to the state policies international image and international leadership the second type of actor of international actor are the international governmental organizations or ideals thats how were going to be named them they became important after the World War two and they needed that they know that the checks and the balances were needed and the i-gos normally are concerned with economic issues withheld security with all the social issues that were a big problem right after the World War two in this case

only States can be members if youre not recognized if you dont have all the the five components that we already saw to be a state you cannot be a part of an international or governmental organization for now geo and here we have different examples of an ideal we have NATO we have the World Health Organization we have United Nations we have the effective that is their asia-pacific Economic Cooperation and we have the organization of the American States the ideals they cooperate to solve problems between member states one of the main focus focuses of ijeo is to maintain order and to apply rules they trying to maintain a a order and also to maintain control of whats going on within this member states when they say Jess to the internal agreements they are given up part of the sovereignty lets think of this as being part of an international government organization youre now letting other member states other states to be part of your decision making process why because your are looking for some advice and/or a some I dont know programs that make help your own country so in order to be part of this and in order to have this advices and this access to this those programs that maybe there are international organizations can have and can

help your country you need to give up some server renting now we have the non-governmental organizations that NGOs they began to appear also after the World War two the governments do not pay attention to all problems so the NGOs emerged to try to solve those problems and most of these NGOs working forces are part of a balloon TM program so volunteers are very very important in order for an NGO to work the organizations heart has clear they had clear objectives and rules the funding comes from private sponsors normally we will look up all these corporations all these businesses given support to the NGOs and they have long term goals theyre not form just for a while theyre not formed just for simple or short-term goals theyre looking for problems or situations that may have or may have outgrown some problem and may have outgrown some government so they exist for a long period of time and they cannot use violence this is one of the most important thing in the NGOs they cannot do by violence and they cannot be profitable some of the most important examples that we have as an NGO is a Amnesty International Greenpeace Human Rights Watch care or the all MCT one of the major characteristic of an NGO is that they influence on

public opinion they have a strong influence and they can change society and they and they have a huge impact not only society but also in governments they pressured them and they make them work for all these issues or all these problems that we may see in society they are the guardian of difficult problems a huge example are Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch with all these human rights violations and one of the most important characteristics of an NGO is that they have no political influence they have no government interference and they work in a grass roots level meaning that they work all the way from the bottom and they they go up up up they start from the core of the problem and they start to solve the problem all the way from the bottom and then they go all the way up to the government or to the highest level and they act fast they need to be in touch and they need to be on the go they cannot just wait to see if the step problem is solved they need to act faster one of the examples is Doctors Without Frontiers and and they are one of the biggest example for act fast because they need to be on the countries that need a huge health support

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