Intel RST Service Not Running Error

intel rst not running
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hi this is Anthony with a video tutorial on a specific Intel error called Intel rst service not running now before I get into the solution this type of error let me briefly explain the importance of Intel rst rst essentially sends for rapid store technology and Intel are sti is a vendors based application that provides improved performance and reliability for computers with Stata drives on serial ata drives rst enhances the performance of your hard drive and basically lowers the power consumption as well which means increased battery life now because Intel rst runs in

the background you will probably never notice it until you encounter the error in some cases you will notice it in the system tray which is at the bottom right of the screen and if you hover your mouse over this icon it will display that Intel rst service is not running now in most cases the solution is to reinstall on the intelligence the driver and together drive its best to check the manufacturer website in my case Im using a Toshiba sideline laptop and I got my driver from the Toshiba website so if youre

using Dell or HP or whatever brand or just go directly to the respective website now the process may not be exactly the same but it should be similar so in my case I basically enter the details of my laptop in here yes such and then it basically provides once I do a search it provides the you know various resources now Im looking specifically for drivers so as you can see here there are various tabs and if I click on the drivers tab will let us down all bunch of drivers and these two

right here are the Intel rapid or Intel rapid or technology drivers as you can see there are two because the first one is for Windows 7 32 bit operating system and the other one is for the 64-bit operating system so make sure that you know which operating system you are using in my case Im using the the no 762 bit operating system so once you do that youre in solid rubber then you basically just reboot the system in case you can find the driver at the manufacturer website you can go directly to

Intel website and just search for Intel rapid or technology analyst on that y ver so just make sure that you reinstall the the right driver so once you reinstall the driver you know you should see this green checkmark comm make basically indicating that the problem is solved and that Intel RC is now working properly so thats pretty much it you know hope you found the video useful if you did please give it a thumbs up and subscribe and if youve got any questions you can leave them in the comment section thanks stopping by

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