IDEK 9 1/2

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now I reveal to you clicking perfect drawing of Thomas the drainage get it oh that is the worst thing Ive ever drawn in my lifetime hello its Destry and a lot of you are probably wondering that and a half nine and a half what is this voice this up here what Im gonna go kill a magician and wherever as an outfit to go traveling to Hawaii you made me do that because of this confusing title good lord my whole logic behind that is say The Lion King did it what the hell why cant I I mean the Lion King one and a half what the hell is that Pride Rock is in dire trouble drama starts within the pack Nala is found cheating on civil with a hyena goombahs extreme eating disorder gets worse one cheesecake could be too much Timon gets a jet pack and

shoots off into space spending on a planet where a Muslim Archer is making salsa Oh what the fuck is happening so I just want to make the shortest video youve ever seen possibly about our Mars so we all should know that Walmart is the answer life oh goodness me Ive ran out of toilet paper Walmart I need new new guitar here are Walmart a super super Walmart um its gonna say I need a hooker like I said Walmart uh you might want to check in the cupcake girl for that one but now its like an official dare to all of you I dont know what Im doing its kind of cool though I dare you all to go into Walmart in the middle of the night you know the daytime the cashiers name is Cindy shes all nice it is like oh fuck yes but once

it strikes nighttime the lights get all dark freakin bugs crawl out through the floor spider comes up and is like and your friend with you is like the churchs fart no dude I swear it was that spider I swear yeah right youre fucking asshole spider and the stale Walmart smell youre always used to is turned into a tortured Eagle penis that does not smell good at all in rows the night shift and my god there are some scary ass people in Walmart at night theyll have mustaches we all know the same guns dont kill people people with mustaches do and that is so true theres like really fat guy sitting upon a life azam boning machine going down aisle ways and hes just oh oh rocking the fuck out thats just the beginning every two seconds after that theres another scary guy who just pops out

of nowhere oh oh my god good lord youre like indigestion or something you need a tums need a back rub some other guys just I hello there can I help you find something holy fucking God Im fine thank you get a glorious election in a little fattie oguns I bet you do but frankly maam I just dont care you see cuz shes a lady with am upset never my turn or weird or Oh again Leonidas weve eaten there all three times this week oh those sick of their food but yeah um oh hey you guys want to see my shoes me and Nathan made up hold on dude yeah thats right Im dinosaurs on my shoes are you jealous I know you guys have been really patient for the Twilight spoof and believe me its coming so look forward to that and uh yeah gimmick odious addiction

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