I Solved City Disasters by Using Human Sacrifices – Incident Commander

who is responsible for determining the appropriate tactics for an incident?
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hey there its Josh welcome back to lets game it out were checking out incident commander today this just came out and early access which means lets be a little forgiving oh no that car that is not good the fire spread and needs to be put out before it engulfs the building first thing you must do is get this fire under control basically we control fire police and I think other stuff we have our little firefighter crew here who apparently have skipped cardio day every day because their movement speed can be adorably called a trot if that and I just like drive this over oh my god I can just drive this over to them kind of run them over hmm so I cant run them over but let us not ignore the fact that this fire engine can be driven around with nobody in it hello fellas would you like to ride in this big red fire truck okay cool theres policemen in my firetruck you get over here and you fight that fire so lets uh okay ok so we took care of that you stay right here like that hi guys get out okay fight the fire or just take damage thats cool okay fine I will get you guys out of this you should have a little bit more oh good I gotta admit Ive got nothing but confidence in this police force now oh I should probably move my fire engine out of you no never mind the fire engines perfect right where it is well we better get the real fire fighters over here so lets have the police car picked them up guys can all fit in there right in you go can we salvage this hey guys get out now dont fight the fire what we want right now is to see if we can move this fire engine out yeah there we go I mean it seems to be in pieces so maybe well just do it piece by piece you guys peeing oh my god you guys are like Olympians no no no you get back over here I didnt want you to fight that fire yet yeah Im gonna declare this fire engine lost oh my god the police have an assault option and I shoot these guys no but theyre already wounded so thats at least comforting were gonna have to set up a perimeter gentlemen theres been an accident right here and right here and ok theyre getting on it while theyre spending the next thousand years doing this lets take a look around town its like a pretty mild-mannered town I mean except for the wildly incompetent emergency forces actually you know what incompetent is not the word I would use for these guys they are following orders to a tee it looks like the line at an airport now man I really wish this assault button worked though oh wait wait wait this highlights what does this do Oh whoa whoa whoa okay ok okay concede the cop car well now I have to know gentlemen pop in we have to run a little test lets see how the firefighters deal with this Oh oh my god guess that takes care of the firefighters uh you know when youre really hurt you go moan my body parts are falling out of the car okay now we got to help him lets evacuate them or at least one hero at another guy just too lazy to do anything is there a reason you guys have to do this as a unit why cant you each pick up somebody only the answer is no theres like a spotter and then theres the guy that does the actual work this isnt actually putting them anywhere safe I dont know why Im picking them up I think I know where theyll be safe okay you get in there you wait right there see youre gonna be fine well at least we know theyre immune to flames at this point right we helped we did it the bodys put out the fire good work boys back to the precinct I just now noticed that up in the corner here theres a couple of meters public safety high-risk thats kind of to be expected although I would say the dangers contained at this point its an in budget extreme costs okay I kind of get that one a little more salsa when Ive learned that the police have other things they can do well I guess we have no choice but to walk them over to the lake oh my god see you guys in ten million years also where is everybody was this in the middle of like a zombie outbreak Im gonna need you guys to draw a little perimeter to thats my calling card I just say hi with perimeter tape okay guys you know what to do be seeing you lovely folks Oh well either thats real shallow or these are some real able-bodied police well the tutorial still hasnt gone away probably cuz it did everything wrong so well just move on to the next scenario I feel pretty good about this one Oh check this out if I click command declare incident over I mean thats not not true lets start with the chemical spill reports are coming in that a tanker train containing a dangerous chemical blah blah blah on-the-job training time is Oh a 27 on a warm spring day a tanker train containing a dangerous liquid chemical tea rails at the main intersection in trouble town I wanna point out by the way while Im reading this scenario briefing theres these little icons popping up and just making my public safety rating go down and down like I feel like things are getting worse just because Im a slow reader after several minutes a nearby onlooker collapses some more Im reading this I see a bunch of looky-loos coming up I better be quite overcome by fumes emanating from one of the train cars punctured tanks cool I think we got this we got a couple problems here first and foremost we have the train derailment itself we have this Fountain of Youth over here leading is on to the ground before it burns into the atmosphere looks like we got a couple people in pain I count four one two three four

and also we have the mayor watching us from the corner judging everything we do weve also got traffic lights that are malfunctioning weve also got this creepy person in maybe a bikini over here I think I know we need to do wheres my crazy police force found the local hospital a utility pole has fallen tell me more oh well thats to be expected its in the blast zone wait is this the same map oh this is the same map as the last time so at least what was that what was that oh those explosions citizens youre gonna want to watch out especially you right there theres a couple of live wires the important part is a media team has arrived oh you people youre just gonna make a big problem arent you first thing we need to do is contain this media crew police thats where you come in were gonna have the police always take the fire engine the firefighters are always gonna take the police car we want to confuse everybody all the time this tow trucks coming – hey fellas Bay you didnt see this coming damn it why cant I arrest these people okay quickly tow their vehicle before they can get anything done okay now Drive in front of them that drive back and forth with their own vehicle okay now taunt them a little bit for ultimately just parking this in their way so they cant really see whats going on wow that sound guy cares not at all please do something about this move the cop car we dont want to hurt that lets start with the camera that makes the most sense to me easy there Tex boy that really took you guys a while see look at that consummate professionals lets take out the photographer as well and the host who taught you guys how to shoot a number of casualties is unknown at this blast sound guys proving hes really strong so were just gonna leave him here tow truck on the other hand okay good good good and drive it right into the fire maybe okay your work here is done oh I just realized the fire spreading after I noticed that gentleman right there who honestly should have known better we got to make sure people dont get too close or rather that they dont leave are you following me I need you to stay back sir Thanks Im sure you understand Oh God guys guys I get it that its really tempting hey what happened all my police options after their fourth homicide they dont seem to have any options anymore okay well lets get these Public Works guys going here were gonna need to again the dedication on this guy just never lets go his boompole for any reason the way vehicles drive in this game you can like circle strafe in these vehicles youre like the doom guy damn it theyre safe the vehicle cant get up on curbs these guys arent though lets just escort this person okay you wait right there everythings gonna be fine and there we go what am I supposed to be doing oh my God look at all this stuff incident commander mobile resources from nearby towns a place for media teams to gather away from the incident site oh you mean like that parking lot no way I can just put it in the fire right okay well might as well put this in the parking lot their bodies are already there so lets go ahead and just make it official ah so this is probably getting worse before it gets better but not that much worse I almost forgot to pick up our emergency medical services so Im just gonna promptly drive right out of town can I really drive them out of town oh no Im not never mind its like The Truman Show in here okay lets assess the situation we need to make use of all of our resources so you tow truck we need you to go collect cars from the surrounding area after all this chemical fire isnt gonna feed itself have the tow truck dropped some stuff off and then just kind of skid daddle so lets just put this flip it around there we go okay now lets now swing it Oh whoo you know what I dont think well be using that one after all I think thats stand right where it is you know what else theres a robbery in progress lets go take our impotent police force see if they can deal with the situation the police are too busy with the train wreck to chase me oh how wrong you are youve got 45 minutes to get out of there before the police arrive oh my god did you rob the entire store well lets get him or not the police are too busy no the police are not too busy they just forgot how to do their jobs you guys might as well go away in the bathroom because it looks like youre not gonna do anything here oh hey they cant go in the bathroom okay Ill give them some private time oh you know what I need to place an incident command post thats my problems placed this in the same murder parking lot okay now that Ive got my incident command post now I can call up a bunch of friends in fact here just all of them just call up all your friends now were gonna need a staging area for these things were gonna put that wait can I put it on the same spot oh hell yeah looks good fire branch director allows fire operation tasks oh I guess Im just assigning myself all these things I am the director of everything Im gonna need a casualty collection point Oh I could have it firmly on the ground or I can have a kind of in the err it looks like but the casualty collection point in the air above the other thing yep looks at low oh no I did something right damn hit but even still that was pretty sweet no I feel like the Emergencies kind of taking care of itself a little bit like all the is is out of the tankers now most of the fire is no longer in that space its kind

neutralized six people died in this warehouse but I feel like its gonna get to the end here and its gonna put itself out too and with any luck all three of these people are gonna kill themselves and by luck I mean Im gonna make my own luck nope didnt even need to try dont worry my other teams are here please I need you to take a quick pit stop maybe shake some sense into our other friends Oh see look these guys still can do stuff lets go in there and arrest that guy the police are here and want to know what you did with literally every grocery oh sweet can I just escort all these people all right police you have a new mission yeah there everyone in town eventually Im gonna need you all to come with me oh wait do I not even need to be close to them like can I just click escort and just click these people oh hell yeah I can make everyone come to me this is even better its like Ive got like mind control powers and were fraternizing the police need you ok I think thats everyone in town lets go help is on the way okay everybody in and stop escorting thank you for your service someone will be along shortly to escort you to heaven Public Safety high risk high risk indeed I love it theres so many dead bodies at the games just like well what did you want me to do organize this efficiently you know worked last time I wonder if we can just put out the fire again with all these bodies oh my god what happened here looks like a couple people arent going to the good place oh my God all the fires have been put out and just to hide the evidence well have all of our vehicles come over and just die in the is here okay well I think thats a big ol success right there after-action report building damage 18 casualties 76 chemical liquid spilled all of it chemical liquid cleaned up none of it thats how you know its the good stuff mayor Im gonna move on to wildfires okay fresh new scenario this is a tragic day for the town but you were the finest we have the finest unfortunately who this map is different look its the suburbs where is even the problem whats on fire something wrong oh there it is okay so heres the problem everythings on fire well some things are on fire first things first command strategic actions incident commander me operations section chief me Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee and that we have these five other things which are gonna be the buildings were gonna set up just like last time starting with the incident command post well just drop you right here now that youre there time for our joint information center how high can this go okay perfect now for our staging area good good casualty collection point uh-huh with the casualties up there on the fourth floor and last but not least our helicopter landing spot oh there we go oh god now I have to know something likes Ive got this rescue option which looks like you can use it on people that dont necessarily need rescuing dont worry sir I got you oh wow watch it on that re-entry there you probably need rescuing now now that you have a terrible horrible head injury dont worry Ill get you to safety just hang on youll be fine oh well I know where to take them obviously dont worry Im not that cruel Im not gonna put them in the fire Im just gonna put them on top of this house here oh okay or you could just you know work in progress that persons a lost cause well try better the next time oh its gonna take way too long for me to pick up people so cops I have a job for you what the hell was that did I just see them do a drive-by and is that car bleeding okay I have to test this Im gonna have them attack that dude over there and then Im gonna have him hop in the vehicle oh my god oh my god the cops can do straight-up drive-bys oh my god you see this this is some demented hilarity all I wanted to do is get these cops in position and too much funny stuff keeps happening that were just gonna use our telepathic ability to hit escort from wherever we are and tell people to head over to the police dont worry shes gonna be fine the police needs you now while all those people are collecting lets take our helicopter over here and fill the bucket okay now were equipped with some water okay lets show these people a good time here you go citizens Spring Break I would like you all to stay right here and just wait while we make a nice little perimeter around you now remember citizens this is the safe zone dont cross it okay cool what do you think that police tape means huh I mean if thats what you want go ahead wander out there see where it gets you well whose fault is that you didnt have to be rolling down a hill right now you could have been busy burning like two feet to your left sound a straggler what doing there buddy dont worry Im here to rescue you okay now that hes in there I kind of wonder something can I shoot people that are in these things Oh God oh my god and I shot him all the way to hell well thats a new one dear diary fire spread its reached the coastline hopefully it doesnt set the water on fire oh there we go the fires out turns out that the fire cant cross the road so nature just put itself out all objectives have been resolved you may now declare the incident over well you dont have to tell me twice fielding damage exquisite casualties all of them honestly this game was pretty fun I give it 10 out of 10 cops driving in a fire engine thats gonna do it for this one hope you had as much fun as I did and Ill see you next time

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