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yo whats going on Palace lat fans okay so Ive been noticing that some of you guys have garbage profile pictures trash you guys have the blue guy you guys have the letter well today Im gonna take it upon myself to give you guys some brand new profile pictures because Ive always wanted to start a cult and Ive always wanted to help people dont worry about that so here are

my contributions to your cause okay first of all you guys got the normal guy no expression you can put whatever you want hes kind of like link he could be a bad boy he could be a soft boy he could be any kind of boy you want and thats for the this is where profile picture and here youve got here youve got the boy who has been through some

he probably has a wife some kids hes hes probably divorced hes definitely divorced this is the divorced version of profile picture number one oh here we have the young man you can use this picture if you want to be hip in the streets you can get street cred you can make money on your script sound effects oh and heres one that you guys are definitely gonna like its the

idea got old gozaimasu profile picture you can use this when youre on anime forums and everybody will love you what is this and finally we have regular guy incognito mode he hes the type of guy that will kill your whole family hey guys welcome to my unplugged concert here on the endcard you should hit that subscribe button you should hit up you you should hit that subscribe button

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