Hp Officejet 3830 attention Require FIXED

printer attention required
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whats that YouTube today I want to make a quick video on HP Officejet 38:30 series Ive been having a lot of questions and Ive been having the same issue too sometime when Im about to print is sales attention required on the printer so it wont let me print so I got to do something so first of all this three different steps you can try and it should work cuz I do it all the

time because I have the issue with the other kind of laptop HP laptop usually stay connected but my wife laptop and also this one user right now seems to get always the warning of attention required on the printer so basically you can try first the HP scan doctor you can try this first it will open up and it will basically troubleshoot your printer this one works once in the blue but you can try

in other ways it says update you updated so once you update it you hit start and it will run through your printer to see if it needs updating to see where its messing up at okay so basically right here you start it up and you go from there sometime it works that way sometime it doesnt if this dont work youll close it up okay once you close it up you go right here we

say type here to search and you type in printer okay then it comes up your printer as you can see now you could remove the vise and reinstall it its up to you if you want to try that too thats another way or the way it seems to work for me I hit manage and from manage I run troubleshoot from right here and I troubleshoot it and usually it works right away and that

is the way I do it personally but I show you three different ways to do it hopefully one of them work if anything comment below and I will try my best to help you but this is the way that works for me is go to search type in printer click on your printer hit manage and then hit run the troubleshoot and usually boom it works right away well like and subscribe and thanks for watching

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