How to: Windows 7 Multiple Monitor Setup

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hey whats going on guys Ryan knows Tech here today from Tech informed us the different view is because were on a different computer you can see from the screen behind my face hopefully I got the webcam working if not then you dont see my face were using Camtasia Studio seven or eight whatever the latest is here on my one over thinkpads e-series running Windows 7 so todays video is a request of a comment off yesterdays video about getting your Mac MacBook whatever kind of Mac youve got to work on an external monitor today real easy video real short video how to do the same thing on a PC its actually a little bit easier on the PC side I think a couple ways to do it the easiest way I should probably clarify this is going to be Windows 7 and Windows Vista Windows Vista is a little bit different than Windows 7 but its the same idea same place Windows XP is different and much harder yet your

right hand click on your desktop you go down to properties its going to say properties here instead of personalized then youve got a whole different whole different menu here you can go to display settings and most of that information will be found in there a little bit harder not too bad but hopefully hell be able to figure it out anyways heres how to do it Windows 7 the easiest way to do it is to hold down your Windows key on your keyboard and press the P key P standing for projector I cant change it right now on camera its going to screw up the desktop recording you can disconnect the projector obviously thats going to mean that youre only using your laptop display probably dont want to do that you can duplicate it keep in mind this is going to its only going to allow one resolution to work so unless your laptop display and your monitor or the same resolution I dont recommend doing this extend this is

a real nice option actually I use this relatively often you can set one of the displays to be your desktop and the other one is just blank and you can drag windows on it nice having kind of like a dual display setup and then projector only is what Im doing right now and that allows you to completely not use your laptop display at all and send all that video over to your monitor so thats what were going to do for the purpose of this video thats the easiest way to set it up to get into more information more informations more information right click on your desktop go to setup or a screen display screen resolution whatever theyre calling it heres a screen resolution in here you can choose which monitor you want to mess with lets mess with monitor – since thats the the ASIS or soos here heres your resolution its going to tell you all of the resolutions this supports well the best resolution is usually the

highest resolution see it says recommended there its in bold 1920 by 1080 thats what this monitor was designed to run so were going to leave that there orientation landscape portrait probably want it so you can see it then if you have multiple displays it gives you these options here duplicate these displays extend maybe show desktop on one or two thats nice you can also click this detect button here thats going to look for more and then identify I dont know if the camera is going to pick that up but it puts a big two or a one on the screen depending on which screen youre looking at so you can rearrange them just like you can on the Mac by taking them here and dragging them around move it on this side real easy to do that same thing with the other display click and change the settings here now since were not extending and were just using the main monitor here I cant change those settings because its

not even in use so thats pretty much it its real easy to set this up just plug in your cable Im using VGA windows pretty much does the rest if it doesnt find it automatically make sure your monitor is looking at the right input flag P choose your settings here or right hand click and screen resolution its all in there guys thanks for watching the video I would like to comment on something our live web show changes if times have changed theyre not seven to nine anymore to eight tonight during that hour were going to try to be more productive and that is a p.m. time of course on Tuesday nights Eastern Standard Time so thats all the way over here on the East Coast our website again is tech informed at us my twitter is slash james our schultz and then all those links are found down below subscribe if you havent liked the video leave me a comment and Ill see you guys in tomorrows video bye

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