How to Use Red Dragon Impact Gaming Mouse Software

red dragon mouse software
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this is justin trudeau from Dragon Lord okama Im here showing off the red dragon impact gaming mouse software this is how you configure the impact Gaming Mouse which is the, 12 thumb button MMO gaming mouse by default when you install the software and you load it up its showing you the front of the mouse or the top of the mouse which they call the front with the top buttons you can see by default youve got your you know left mouse button right mouse button your scroll wheel button then your five and six buttons which they call which are typically your DPI increase or decrease buttons and of course your four button which is your index finger button which I turn it to f9 key click on the side and you get your access to your twelve thumb buttons and how you want to program them by default theyre 1 2 0 num plus and minus which are pretty useless by default unless you are playing a game that uses the number keys so you also have 5 different profiles you could say for the mouse so you can maybe create a profile for 5 different games that have the thumb buttons arranged differently you have full control over the acceleration of the mouse default on top of the dpi change youve got your pointer speed youve got your scroll wheel speed youve got your double-click speed you got the poll rate and how often the mouse is polling for it isnt the pen a high poll rate I always find is

usually a little better I typically use a high poll rate because the more frequently polls more accurate is at least that fund and then of course the dpi tab you have five different dpi configurations and you can set them to be varied as low as 200 dpi to as high as 12,000 400 dpi so typically youre going to want to cover the dpi range however that sees fit for you whether you like drawing in a paint program and use a super high DPI so you can get really precise really slow lines and drawing or whether you want a really fast dpi you could have a high DPI with the acceleration very high so they can be more accurate when youre playing first-person shooters things that normally when you have the dpi high right then the mouse moves slower because its tracking slower its more accurate so typically what you want to do is high DPI maximize acceleration and you get more accurate tracking and you can do things like that the light patterns on the mouse are adjusted with the light setting youve got breathing rainbow full lighted wave reactive which is were just moving the mouse will trigger the lights to come on in flash you got different brightness levels breathing speeds the mouse only has seven different colors to choose from and in rainbows between them so it isnt a full, 16 point seven million color wheel RGB mouse you are restricted to the seven colors and patterns there so thats something to know but you know I typically

use red dragons of course color is typically red so thats usually the default but I typically use the light blue to offset now the DPI buttons themselves to show you which DPI mode those will always be red so you have 0 1 2 3 & 4 red light indicating whether or not you you know what DPI mode youre on so to configure buttons you select the button that you want to configure and then you have your options whether you want to be left click right click middle forward back single key and then type any key on the keyboard you can have it set to be a combination key such as shift of one control f1 whatever things like that you can have it set up to be a default basic key like copy/paste you know theres some basics some advanced keys like you know browser forward browser back media keys for start/stop play you know and then you could of course you could start creating macros and then of course you could have you could change another bump key to be the another mouse button to be the DPI switch now the macro manager is something else completely entirely you get to create custom macros you start by creating a new macro and then what you want to do is you can see the record delays between each action you can insert millisecond delays by default how many times want the macro to loop and then you could also know this is something that right tack he doesnt have repeat run

when key down so the rent a key manager you hold them BIOS button down the macro down and it wont repeat the macro until you let go the button press the button again but with the red dragon software you can make it to where you hold the mouse button down itll constantly instantly repeat the macro as long as you hold on the button down which is really nice so you can record Mouse actions you can record after certain amounts things like that I can press the record button here and lets say I want to do Q w e– p w de w WB q and then stop my macro you see how its recording the cue on the down and the cue on the up that w on the down the W on the up so its doing the actions because has to depress and the release is also an action right so you can delete and remove the releases as well as the presses if you need to but typically its fine to leave the double actions but thats why you see a double action for me letters because you have an action on the press and then another action on the release thats possible so you can create your custom macros to be you know fighting moves specific styles and games things like that where I really like the red dragon MMO gave us like a all the mouse that I was reviewing and other MMO game houses as I usually dangerously dangerous has tons of keys in the

keyboard I never one of my left handle in the keyboard but I dont have want to take my hand off the mouse right my right hand off the mouse to hit some keys on the numpad so usually what I like to do is I like to set a lot of num keys and a lot of F keys functions that way I can access my landing gear I can access my flight assist on or off I can access my galaxy map I can access my you know solar system map I can access all my stuff without ever having to take my hands off the mouse and I could always have my hand my one hand on my wise keys and in my other hand on my mouse and pretty much access all my buttons almost never taking my hand off the mouse to do everything I need to do in a game so thats where I really like having a twelfth bump button game Mouse and it takes some getting used to to get your thumb to hit all the buttons sometimes you can get the wrong button backs in and you dont have muscle memory youre on which button head but you just have to get used to it over time and it works but so this is an overview of the red dragon impact game our software Ive been using the Red Dragon game mouse for only a few hours now Ill be giving a full review soon Ill be customizing the software more for some of my games stay tuned

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