How to Use All the Features in a Logitech Mouse m510

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hello this is bill one a hat today Im going to show you how to use all the features of your logitech m5 100-miles first of all you have the regular left-click and right click that youre Im sure youre familiar with now this mouse also has two buttons here on the side and it comes program from the factory this clip this mouse will take you back a page when youre browsing on the internet if youve been to Amazon Google and Yahoo and youre at Yahoo you press this now go back to Google you press it again Ill go back to Amazon you press this it goes to Yahoo and and so forth this will get you back and forth between the different web pages you can program these buttons to do different things other than that Im going to show you how to do it here we have this is your your typical scrolling ball here roller here and you go up and down the pages with this but you can also click to the left and you can click to the right and what what that does the way is programmed from the factory when you click to the left it Scrolls to the left when you click to the right it Scrolls to the right but thats programmable as well also you can click straight down on the mouse and that puts that arrow on your web page that you can grab and use the scroller to go

up and down but its programmable so you can do different things with it and you can also is programmable so you can change the functions of the left and right click if you if you want to for my own purpose Im very used to you know the left click on the right click and I didnt want to mess with that at all I did change these this button and the click right click left and this and this so I changed five buttons on mine while Im showing you the mouse I would also like to show you that theres a little light right here when that lights up it means your battery is low okay so its not on right now because my batteries are fine and turn this over and you have an on and off switch then green means that its on the red means that its off you should always turn this off if youre not going to be using it for a while to conserve your batteries logitech claims that you can get two years used for these batteries but im sure that that means you got to be turning them off pretty religiously so were going to turn this on here and the way you take the batteries out is to just open it like this and you take the batteries out now this mouse comes with a receiver right here and its got a little port it goes in there like that so you

get when youre traveling you can put your little receiver right in there this just plugs into a USB port on your laptop or it can plug into a Logitech keyboard thereby saving you the use of USB port otherwise you gotta use up one or two USB ports for this little receiver okay so the next thing were to do that is show you how to program this mouse to fit it to your needs this button right here I have programmed for mute so if I was to bring up something with sound today well be making a push Oliveira juice unmute it and mute it with this button right here just press it one time thats on you press it one more time thats mute so thats where that said I pray this function right here where you turn it you push it to the left that setup is copy and you push it that way Ive set up as paste to program your mouse the first thing youre going to need to do is to go to the Logitech website Logitech calm and type in an m5 1 0 Mouse and you get to the support page and here is the support page right here to click on downloads right here and I have Windows 8 so youre going to have to select your operating system and then download the software and it so thats going to give you the right software to get all the features out of your

budget tick five-10 Mouse once you have the software downloaded you bring it up in your control panel mouse and keyboard settings spring down on up and this is called the setpoint settings ok so go to the select button menu now the left click I just leave as a left-click because thats fine me right click Ill leave is the right click the third one here I did change the third one is as this is pushing pushing this down down straight thats your third one and I got that set up to mute if you dont want to mute and go over here to the menu see I have mute selected and so you can select any of these different items but scroll Universal scroll play pause theres the new keystroke assignment let me show you the keystrokes ami go down here and just put in right here the keystroke you want like crotale alter curtail secret LV whatever you want and that can you know pressing down on the scroll bar can be that keystroke so Im gonna put mine back on mute because I like it on mute okay now the next one is the ones on the side that I showed you for in the back now I like those but those can be changed number six a copy if you dont want to copy and paste these are the these are moving with six and seven are moving the scroll wheel to the left and to the right

good thats six and seven six is moving it to the left seven is moving it to the right so let me show you what you can do here you can go to other and now you got this application menu and you hit the arrow here on the side you had a whole list of applications back charms cruise up cruise down and down here is well heres copy thats the one I selected for number six and heres paste thats why I selected for number seven and then it is even more out here including a volume up and volume down and theres also a zoom and a zoom reset so theres a whole menu of things you can do with these buttons so you just select what you want and say okay youre still on copy and paste there okay so then you say apply and you say okay and youre your mouse is then set up to do what you want it to do so I hope that helped you do have to go to the Logitech website and download their software theres also a whole troubleshooting section on here I actually had to use that the first time I downloaded it download the software it didnt work so I did uninstall the software and reinstall it and then it worked thats what it told me to do here on the website so thats how you use the features of your Logitech m51 oh and I hope this helps thanks

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