How to TEST your Xbox One Controller

calibrate xbox one controller
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hi there my names Vince from my mate Vince comment in this video today Im going to show you how you can easily test your Xbox one controller so obviously when were playing games were using the buttons and it might be really obvious if for example the a buttons not working but other things might be slightly harder to detects if youre not sure it for example what if the analog sticks is slightly out or maybe youre not sure if the triggers are working as proper analog triggers from zero all the way to 100% or the vibration might not be working properly or one of the triggers but you might not be a hundred percent sure or the other thing you might have bought yourself a secondhand controller and you want a quick and easy way to test whether everything is working so there is an app we can download its all free and it will only take you a couple of minutes to find out watch one with your controller now with this one here there is an issue but Im not going to tell you what it is because Im going to download the app and then we can see what the issue is from the app now with this you can actually use the Xbox accessories app but it doesnt give you a huge amount of info so the app were going to use is something called game controller tester now you can do it on your Xbox or you can do it on a PC here it is on a little Windows 10 laptop and you can just plug in your controller via USB or most of you will probably just find it easier to go via Xbox one so what were they going to do is were going to go

up to where it says store were gonna press a and were going to go down to the search and now were going to type in game controller test that okay you see its already come up there I couldnt have to type in the whole thing at all and this is the app that we want to download game controller tester so Im just going to download it and fast-forward through this bit its free so its not going to cost anything very small so its not going to take up much storage at all okay so as you can see the Xbox controller is up the screen here and every time you press a button its going to input it on there once we enter the test mode so to enter the test mode it says here press view and menu so we roll it back and start out before a 360 controller so here we go view and menu which are these two buttons here and now watch this if you taught me press a button can you see its gonna light up on screen so its a bit hard to see or watch this here you can see it lights up Y and X so now if you think these buttons are not working properly you can easily test them if we do the bumpers you can see it lighting up as well it kind of like supper a peach color so its a little bit hard to see but there you go you can test the buttons theyre d-pad again you can see it lighting up and that button that button now if we want to test the triggers what we can do is let me zoom in a little bit more can you see weve got right trigger cuz remember these are

analog so the more we press them the more they work so watch this tiny bit a bit more a bit more a bit more so goes all the way to 100% and then you can actually tell when the button is fully the press is freely press now even though Ive got more travel to go so theres kind of nice to have a little play around with it and then left trigger so now I know that these triggers are working fine okay but there you should be able to see what the problem is here these two ones here are the analog sticks if you look at the left analog stick you can see Im moving around and its sensors itself nicely but this controller has stitch rifts and what happens is the right analog stick is constantly just a little bit above the central line so when you play the game for example our fortnight the cameras always gonna be looking up so if you have a look here now you can see when I move it down it goes okay down down down but let go can you see it moves back up so its not central itself properly okay start it there there we go but Andrews up again so thats the problem of this controller so if you were a little bit unsure depending on the game you can do a quick test here and then you can visually see that its wrong and here its wrong on the y-axis by 20% and now can you see there 100% 100% 100% so Ive got the full range havent got the full range down it only goes to 95 here Ive got the full range so Ive definitely got something wrong with my analog stick you see it goes all the way

to 100% on the X and the y on the left analog stick so I need to look into the issue that I have on this right analog stick thats going to be for a different video right now to test the vibration of the triggers and also the rumble motors in here as well we need to exit the test mode so we need to press the view and the menu button again so press these two and now weve exited it and now we can go up here and give it a short buzz can you see up in this bit here this a short bus so now for press a they go so I can now feel that the motors are working in this side and this side now if you want to do your triggers what youre going to do is youre going to go across to where it says vibration here and then were going to press 8 if I was to go to impulse trigger I can then tick that one and again I can go up to short buzz and now I can feel it I just depress and slightly I can now I will show you on the camera back and feed it through my fingers and also you can turn on vibration as well so now when you go to short buzz its going to do the motors in here and the impulse triggers as well and you can adjust the vibration power if you want and now its going to be stronger if you can hear that well so that is how we do the testing on the Xbox one controller so hopefully you enjoyed that video if you found it helpful please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe for more how-to videos take care bye now

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