How To Start Theming With Twig (1/6)

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hey guys the week is a template engine for PSP this series focuses on the template files so lets first download the library and drag the library in your project folder so now you have a dis kind of folders trucks you can also use composure to install it but in this case I just copied the library here

create an index dot PHP file and paste this code inside it you can find this code in the site I will put the link below so this line tells that we store our template files in this templates folder and here we render one example template file called index and pass a variable to it called name so

we must create the templates folder and the index dot HTML file and to print out this name variable we use double curly brackets and the name of the variable save both of these files and browse to your project and here we can see the content of the name variable Im using the PHP twig extension for atom

editor this one so we can have syntax highlighting for tweak remember to select it here next Im going to use bootstrap for styling purposes so lets get the template and I want to load the CSS and JavaScript from external sources so lets copy these lines here Im going to add a bootstrap container with the table inside

it Im just going to paste this code here so we have a container with one row and a table inside it lets save this and refresh in the next tutorial we will be filling stuff here using that tweak syndics thanks for watching if you like this video please like share and subscribe comment see you next time bye

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