How To Spy your girlfriend’s Sms Text on her mobile phone! See her Text Messages!

see who your girlfriend is texting
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hi guys this is text God and today I will be showing you how to check on your boyfriend or girlfriend we will first go on the website the link is in the description you once were on

the website you will enter the phone number of your partner and click on the search button after that the website will be extracting the information you need just sit back and wait as you can see the

website will be looking into billions of records and will be uncovering the infos of your partner for you you now click on unlock full results you will enter your details and create your account youll receive a

pop up simply click on I agree and click on access report you to receive all the information you just have to purchase the trial which costs $1 and afterwards you will get what you asked you I

dont think Im allowed to show you whats inside the website since it contains personal information but its really promising and you will not regret it you thanks for watching make sure to subscribe and like this video

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