How to Restore a Frozen Start Menu or Task Bar in Windows 10

windows 10 taskbar frozen
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hello everybody Chris here and in this short video Id like to show you a quick fix you can use if your start menu in the bottom left hand corner on windows n or your taskbar become completely unresponsive you cant click on any of the items you cant hover over them and you cant open this Start menu so because we cant click on the taskbar at all to access any functionality what we can do instead is hit Windows key

+ R to open up run where you will want to type in task manager or task MGR and hit OK to open up the task manager an alternate way is to hit control-alt-delete and go to task manager which will bring you to the same spot and you may see it in a condensed format like this youll need to hit more details if you dont see the full list of tabs and were going to want to scroll down until

we find a task called Windows Explorer and youll see a little folder icon on the left so once we found that we want to select it and make sure that this is the one you select you dont want to accidentally stop any of the other processes have it selected and go ahead and hit restart and whats going to happen is your screen is going to black out for a second the taskbar at the bottom and you start menu

theyre all going to refresh and then you should see it appear again because windows explorer has been restored and with that you likely will be able to open up the Start menu again and continue using the taskbar without having to restart your computer so I hope that helps some of you guys out there thank you for watching Ive been Chris if they still help you out consider donating to my patreon and Ill see you in my next video

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