How to Get Office 365 Free for Students

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hi everyone my name is Kevin today I want to show you how you can get Microsoft Office entirely for free if youre a student or if youre an educator lets say a teacher or a faculty member and when I say get office for free what I mean is you could use both the web apps and the desktop apps that you can install on your computer whether youre using a Windows Device a Mac device you could get office for free and its full disclosure Before we jump into this I work at Microsoft as a full time employee and Im gonna show you what I work on all right well lets jump to it Here I am on my PC and what were gonna do is I want to search for office free for students now this is gonna help us get to the website thatll let us get office for free so Im gonna go ahead and search for that and one of the the top results here is the student discount for Microsoft Office what were gonna do is were gonna click on get started what thats going to do is thats going to bring me to this website I also have it open here if youd prefer you can also just type in the URL Ive also included it in the description Ive also included it in the comments so you could also just click on that to navigate to this website so what you can do on this website is there something called office 365 education now what will happen is many different educational institutions will sign a contract with Microsoft that allows all of their students faculty teachers anyone to be able to use office for free the school pays for its students simply get access to it so how do we do it well it says get started with office 365 for free and so what they want you to do is if your if your institution is part of this program what you do is you enter your school email address so here I have my college email address at University of Michigan and I simply click on get started once you click on get started thatll bring you to a form where you fill out your name you fill out your date of birth and then you also have to enter a verification code and so why do they do that well they actually want to confirm that you do in fact go to that educational institution so what will happen is in your email you should get a you should receive something that looks like this that has your verification code and then youll enter it in and that confirms that you have access to office 365 education so Im just going to go ahead and click get started and Ive actually already gone through this flow I answered all that information so Im gonna just click on okay got it now what thatll do is thats gonna drop me on a website called office comm and here in office comm I get my first run experience here its telling me that I have access to the office 365 apps great and I also have this app launcher so lets take a quick look so what I can do on office comm here I could create a new word document an Excel workbook a PowerPoint presentation I also have access to all of the web apps right here so I could use lets say if I click on word here I could use word for free online but lets say that I want to install the apps on my computer what I could do is theres this big button up here that says install office so if I click on install office I could click on office 365 apps and so what will happen is it kicks off a download process right here and then I can go and install office Ive already done that so what Im gonna do is Im going to open Word once you install Office on your machine what youre gonna do is youre gonna click on your name up here in the top right hand corner and then youre gonna sign in with your edu account so I would type in my edu account here Id go through type in

my password as well and then this version of office because its tied to your education account you can then use all the apps installed on your computer entirely for free your school covers it for you so whats nice is you could use either the web apps entirely for free or you could use the apps that you install on your computer entirely for free using this process now what if what if you go through and you know youre on this site you type in your edu email address and unfortunately your school does not participate in this but you still want to use office for free dont despair there is a way that you could still use office for free and Im gonna show you how to do it so what you do is if your educational institution is not participating in this what Im gonna do is open up another browser and youre gonna head to the web site offices where were gonna go to be able to use office for free now youll see two different links on here one of them is get office and the other one is sign in if you click on get office like I just did what thatll do is that only and on a marketing website where you can buy office to install on your machine you have two different subscription options and then you also have a version where you could just pay one time the benefit of doing that is you could use office and you can install it on your computer however if you dont want to pay money and you just want it for free what you could do is you click on the sign in button anyone can click on this and you can log in with an existing microsoft account or what you could do is if you dont already have an account you could simply create a new one for free what Im going to do is I already have an existing account so Im going to go ahead and type it in here and then Im going to type in my password and what will happen is I land on office com and what I could do here is I can now use all of the Web Apps entirely for free and this this this works whether youre a student or even if youre not a student anyone could use this to get office for free one of the things youll notice though is if I click on install office I have to go premium if I want to be able to install office on my computer however if I just want to use office online here Im going to click into a new blank document I can do that so as long as I have an internet connection Im able to use office so thats how you can get office entirely for free if your students a teacher or faculty member of an educational institution and your educational institution has an agreement with Microsoft but even if your educational institution does not have an agreement with Microsoft youre still able to use the web apps entirely for free by going to office comm and the web apps are pretty good in terms of functionality it might not have every single thing that the desktop apps have and you dont have offline access however theyre constantly getting better theres more functionality thats constantly being added to the web apps and if theres something that youre looking for thats not included theres this give feedback to Microsoft button and you could always request functionality if something you need is not there so theyre getting better and better every single day I hope this helped you get office if your student if you did please give this video a thumbs up if you want to see more videos like this please hit that subscribe button that way youll get a notification any time new content like this comes out and lastly if theres anything else you want to learn anything else you want me to cover my channel leave a comment down below I read all of them and Ill add the idea to my list of videos to create in the future alright well thats all I had for you today hope to see you next time bye

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