How to Get Keytool Command Working

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hey guys Im not see people asking on the corona forms how you got you twoll command to work in order to build a Corona app so let me show you if you dont have it the path set properly if you type key tool and command prompt nothing will happen but if you see here go to command prompt you type key tool okay so you got all of this so once you get this you know its

working obviously so Im going to show you how to get that first you go to start menu computer go up here the top of the window you see system properties you click on that on the Left panel you click on advanced system settings and once youre here you should go to the Advanced tab and at the bottom you should see Tabler a button called environment variables click there and we see all this what do you

do from here well we scroll down in the system variables menu until we find the variable called path just right here once you click that and just double click it and youll see all of this stuff this does not really matter at this point um basically imagine that lets pretend that that isnt there and that this is where it ends its probably going to end differently for you but the story comes for me so you

just scroll all the way to the end you put a semicolon and then you paste this and Ill put it at the bottom of the video but on this is just the path to your on JDK folder so you go put a semicolon the path will be C program files maybe x86 for you maybe not that will different depending on where you installed it so make a note of that then Java JDK whatever the release

thats for the key tool is in so once you have that in there just press okay close this command prompt if typing key tool lets you come on and I might make another video if you dont know what to do from there if you want me to I can but people should be working at this point so if you have any questions you can just just comment in the video or something so I hope this helped

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