How to Get a Marriage License

who is responsible for maintaining property records and issuing marriage licenses?
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how to get a marriage license no matter what state you live in you fall in love obtain a marriage license and head to the chapel in much the same way find out how to legally tie the knot with an official marriage license you will need proof of age proof of identity your betrothed payment for application fee and marriage termination documents if previously married step 1 lookup your local county or City Clerks office which is generally the place to apply for and receive a marriage license perform

a web search or scan the blue pages in your phone book for location information beware of waiting periods some states require you to wait to marry for several days after obtaining the license step 2 bring proof of age such as a birth certificate or a substitute such as a naturalization record as well as proof of identity such as a drivers license or passport in most states remember you will need your parents consent if you are younger than 18 in some states you can get married as

young as 15 if you have parental consent step 3 prepare to present paperwork proving the termination of any prior marriages by death divorce or annulment step 4 visit the clerks office with your betrothed to apply for and sign the marriage application both the bride and groom must be present no exceptions step 5 carry cash or a check with you most states charge between 35 and 50 dollars for a marriage license you can also pay beforehand to have a certified copy sent to you after the wedding

hand the marriage license to the officiate at your weddings so they may certify your license making it a certificate of marriage the officiate will then mail the certificate back to the state for processing step 7 use the license during its validity period usually about 60 days depending on your state rules you must have a ceremony with a minister or judge within that time period dont wait too long and let your love slip away you know up until 2003 sexual intercourse outside of marriage was illegal in Georgia

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