HOW TO FIX: “You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU”

you are not currently using a display attached to an nvidia gpu
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well hello this is Jim Mason total nerdery channel your host and I have been getting this little comment very much on some my recent tech videos and its about an error message which Nvidia users get which says you are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU graphics processor unit and this is defects basically how you its a try to make you solve this issue its how to not get this error message of course and being able to access Nevada a control panel and possibly get a much better performance as well and this is basically a problem that comes up when you have two graphic cards and you might not really understand you have two graphic cards this is because your your integrated graphics which is a little graphics card in your processor and on top of that you have a NVIDIA GPU which is better but also consumes more power right and this asset also causes you to not being able to access your NVIDIA GPU settings or the Nvidia control panel and you want of course access to the control panel its very important because you can be able to tweak your GPU you will be able to change the performance of it to be more resolution based or more performance based based basically speed versus speed versus quality and many of us gamers before periphery fps to a certain limit I guess anyways it can happen on most computers so yeah so how do you do this how to fix it one of the

main issues that are causing this is if you are using a tower computer note this is not for laptop computers its not true for laptops but if youre using a tower computer it might be so simple youve basically plugged your computer in the wrong jack your motherboard where your processor resides have might have an input for VG VGA or HDMI or another screen connection it depends on the screen youre using but the usual ones are supported on the motherboard and what you want to do is you dont want to keep your screen connected to the motherboard no you want to connect your screen to the outputs from your graphics card and if you dont know much about computers try to just switch the output or switch the cable from the screen to the computer not to the one its in right now change it to the other one thats the same unfits of course its dont use any force just if its the same exact same switch it and if its an honor in another location it might be nuts and up whats the problem that you basically need to plug it in to your graphics card and not want your integrated graphics if you do not use a tower computer but rather uses a laptop or if this didnt fix the problem the problem might actually be a driver problem yes unfortunately there are several things that cause this and the solution can be one of the following here so basically if you have the wrong drivers or some

John and generic drivers or something that came with Windows but doesnt work it doesnt help if you try to update the drivers because it believes it has the latest compatible drivers and to make to get some better drivers we will install the drivers from the pages themselves that is the intels driver page and an nvidia driver page and we will get the latest drivers from there firstly we need to remove the old drivers and to do that we need to open in device manager we can open or reach device manager by going into the control panel and from the control panel we find a device manager note that you can mess things up seriously in the device manager and be careful what you do her dont dont do something you dont know what youre doing so only carefully follow the steps here anyways scroll down to display adapters we find our Nvidia card whatever it is and we just right click on it and we click uninstall we might as well just delete the drivers software yeah delete delete drivers so we dont need them yeah and then well do the same for the Intel drivers as well now that you have clicked uninstall this device for both of them please restart your computer when the computer is restarted we need to get the new drivers and to get a new drivers well go to impulse respectively or both in Intels and nvidia s– sites and we can download the latest Nvidia drivers from there for our graphics card and

the latest Intel HD graphic drivers from there as well and also some people suggest that you instead go and download the drivers from the manufacturer of your laptop and it virus and its different for the different manufacturers but my computer isnt Acer so in that case I go to the Acer website and usually on the sticker on the laptop youre using you can basically see a serial number of what the model is using input that number onto your laptop manufacturers home page and on the home page you can then drop down and search for drivers and there we can find the graphic drivers and you can also download them sometimes the they can be a bit slow and usually the official latest stable release of the drivers from Nvidia for example is usually up to date and is usually working well if that however wouldnt work then you can go and try the drivers from the laptop manufacturers anyways if we had over at in nvidia you can just you know finder site here and you write in a what graphic card is you have and the same goes for the intel webpage you just go in and write in what processor youre using and you can get the drivers from there if you dont know how you know what graphic card you have or what processor you have you can all make videos I havent made them yet but i will make videos of it and ill post them in the description of this video when those videos are

if you need further assistance to find out what graphic card you have and what processor you have but I guess if you bought a computer you should know that its written if you bought the part or if you bought the computer its written in the specifications of that computer or when you bought it anyways install the nvidia drivers and we want to click perform a clean installation just to be safe and so you basically check the clean installation note that this will remove previous settings and yeah its basically stay to that so it will be default values and you have to make some those settings you made before but usually I guess most watching this video havent messed without so probably no change and then you will need to restart your computer again yep and i hope that this will fix your problem and that you will not get that horrible error message youre not currently using display attached to nvidia GPU and if this video helped you then please leave like share this video to some friends and stay subscribe for future tech tutorials if you have any further problems you can post it in the comments and me or someone else reading those comments can help you out further also if you have some suggestions of new tech tutorials you would like to see please leave some suggestions as well and with that I will say thank you very much for watching or maybe mainly listening I dont know but anyways this is Jim Morrison officially signing out

You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU, Fix: You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU, you are not currently …
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