How to Fix Xbox Error Code 0x8027025A (Has Taken Too Long To Start)

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your mirth line bringing you another video in this video were going to address error 0 X 802 7 o 25 a I recently received this error while trying to start a game and Ill explain the steps required in order to resolve this issue first thing check to make sure all Xs are up and running you can do this by going to network in settings my console shows all services are running so things should be good there next thing to do with your console is a hard reset this is very easy to do simply hold the Xbox one button the actual power button for about 10 seconds to cause the console to reset itself once the console turns

off unplug power from the console as an additional step or about another 10 seconds plug the power cord back in and wait for the console to reload once youre back at the dashboard you can try to start the game again in my case it did not work even after a few tries you can also try another game to see if possibly any other games load now in this situation here I actually did manage to load a title next thing is to try to see if the game you are playing has in a reserved space if it does and you can clear the reserved space and try the game again basically just go to your game hit your Start

button go to manage game and then actually look and see whats actually in there if theres a spot or a reserved space like in here well Ill have an example then you can basically just clear that once you actually clear it just go ahead and try the game again and see if that actually helped for me this still did not help so I actually tried a few more games and came to realize I actually had quite a few games that actually would not work after further investigating I found out that all titles on one of my external drives have become corrupt if you have done all the steps and have no other choice you can try moving your

to a different drive providing you have an external drive connected to your console you have a game thats actually installed on an external drive and go ahead and move it on to your internal drive or vice versa if its on internal drive take it and move it over to your external drive and see if that actually helps as a last resort you can uninstall the game and redownload it again in my case because my drive was messed up redownload the games on a different drive actually resolved this issue hope this helped anyone who may be receiving this error be sure to leave a like comment and subscribe and well talk to you real soon bye for now

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