How To Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0xc00000f

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hello everyone how are you doing this is mdtech here another quick tutorial today Im going to be going over how to hopefully resolve issues you might have specifically with error code 0 XC 0 0 0 F in Windows 10 so it appears in many cases youre not actually able to boot into Windows 10 so to get around that the first step we have to actually do is beat our computer to the Windows 10 installation USB or cd-rom that you might have used to initially install Windows 10 however theres also a cree media creation tool you can download it online in which ive already made a tutorial earlier in the year about using that tool in order to download and install windows 10 so basically youre going to be booting your computer off of the cd-rom drive so depending on your computer manufacturer youre going to try and hook up how to boot your computer to a CD you could also create a USB boot device as well you dont have to do a CD especially if your computer does

not have a cd-rom or DVD drive in it which would make sense if you logically think about it so but for me personally Ive already burned to a CD Ive already changed the boot order to boot from the CD or DVD and right now windows is currently booting into that environment so Im just wanting to put everybody up to speed because I figure most of you guys would not be able to actually boot into Windows 10 so that is why were going through this installation media so the first thing were going to do is were going to select the language we wanted to install in as well as time and currency format and keyboard shortcut just click on next when youre done selecting those changes except before you click install now youre going to instead left click on repair your computer and then this will launch the Advanced Options menu okay so now that we are underneath the Advanced Options menu we want to select the troubleshoot tile which will reset your PC or C Advanced Options now underneath

troubleshoot left click on Advanced Options here you want to select command prompt on the top right here and if you patient for a moment it will launch the command prompt you you want to select the account that is administrator on your computer my administrator account happens to be named computer and Im going to enter my password okay so now that we were in an elevated command prompt were going to type in be OoT rec bootrec then you want to do space ford slash fix MBR otherwise known as Master Boot Record and then hit enter on your keyboard so we can see the operation completed successfully now we want to do is type in bc d edit so bcdedit space forward slash export space C : /b CD back up and then hit enter again again this operation completed successfully now we want to do is type a TT or IB space C colon slash please note this is not a forward slash this is like what normally you would think of a slash higher at the top and then

down to the right so top left the bottom right and then you want to type in boot another one of those slashes b c d space hyphen H another space – mine are and then another space – s and then hit enter on your keyboard again now you want to type in re n space C colon forward slash boot /b CD space bc d dot old and then hit enter on your keyboard again now you want to type boot rec space four slash rebuild BCD and then hit enter on your keyboard again you so now at this point you want to type Y on your keyboard when prompted to add the installation to boot list so we can see the operation completed successfully now we want to type exit and hit enter and then at this point you can restore your computer or just continue and exit to your version of Windows 10 and you should be good to go so I hope this brief tutorial helped you guys out and I will catch you in the next tutorial goodbye

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