How To Fix “Unexpected End of JSON Input” Error When Uploading Custom YouTube Thumbnails

unexpected end of json input
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they are running and welcome today I wanted to make a quick tutorial about a problem that I have been having with uploading images as custom thumbnails for YouTube videos so the process is for example you want in an image well take this one as an example for for this video this is

just a demo video we press customized thumbnails and we press on the image and it should be uploaded however unexpected and Oh Jason input appears as an error the problem is not with the image size the size of the image is less than two megabytes so to fix this problem you go

to settings in Chrome if you are using Chrome go to settings you scroll down until youre advanced click Advanced click on content settings and then on cookies and uncheck block third-party cookies after that that should be it you go to your video you reload the whole page and you do the same

you click on customize and upload the image that you want it should work and to test it you click Save Changes of course and reload and you will see that the well we should see that the image got uploaded as a thumbnail if that didnt work additionally you could go to

advanced this time go to clear browsing data go and clear check everything except browser story that doesnt affect anything all time and clear all the data I hope this video was helpful this is how it worked for me I hope it works for you thank you for watching and see you later

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