How To FIX There was a problem resetting your PC – No changes were made

there was a problem resetting your pc windows 10
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hi reset this PC is a great feature exist in Windows 8 and 10 to reset your PC into factory settings but sometimes this operation could be rejected this rejection happened due to a couple of reasons like a corrupted or missing system files so in this tutorial I will show you three possible solutions for this issue try to disable and enable recovery environment search for command prompt and run it as administrator type r e agent C means recovery environment agent space switch disabled and enabled again with a switch enable exit restart your PC now try to reset your PC you press and hold on shift key then click restart this will take you into Belton recovery environment select troubleshoot Advanced Options command

prompt select your user account and type your password if you have one and click continue type wmic which stands for windows management instrumentation command space logical disk space get space device ID comma volume name comma description press enter this command will show all the partitions according to the provided properties now type as a see which stands for system file checker this tool check the integrity and replace any corrupted or missing protected system files space switch scan now space switch of boot directory point to the drive containing Window System space switch of windows directory point to the windows path press Enter this operation could take several minutes once its finished you will get a result message about the scanning and fixing process exit

click on continue now try to reset your PC you you have to know what is your windows Edition version and system type or the architecture but then get a Windows installation media on DVD or USB but it must be the same as your windows Edition version and architecture fortunately Ive already made a tutorial on how to get Windows installation media and put it in USB you can find a link for this tutorial in the description once you get it try to boot from it press any key select your language and click next click on repair your computer select troubleshoot Advanced Options command prompt type Explorer and Center navigate into Windows installation media open sources folder from this directory I will use install

dot PSD this is the system image that will help me for restoring missing and fixing corrupted system files copy the path go back to the command prompt type D is M which stands for deployment image servicing and management space switch get – windows image information space switch windows image file paste the path to the installed ESD this command shows how many additions exist in the specify system image make a directory in the windows partition call it scratch type dism space switch image point to the partition contains Window System space switch cleanup – image space switch restore health space switch source point to the system image that exists in the Windows installation media : the index number for which addition to use space

directory point to the scratch folder space switch limit access this operation will take several minutes once its finished exit click continue now try to reset your PC you and finally if your problem is still not fixed go to your Windows partition click on view Shaynes do tap show hidden files and folders and show protected operating system files click on yes click OK now youll see a hidden folder called system reset open it open locks folder open setup Act file this file will help you to find where and what is the error thats all for this tutorial your feedback is important to me about if this tutorial is helpful or not so please I would appreciate to hear from you thanks for watching

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