How to fix the mic on Hyper X Cloud Stinger headphones

hyperx cloud stinger mic not working
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okay hello everybody this video is gonna be dedicated to these headphones but I recall the HyperX cloud sting your headphones if you have them you might have trouble using the mic it might be really quiet for your friends to

hear you so Im gonna do a little show you guys how to fix that so what you want to do is just Windows 10 Windows 8 whatever I should be searching I only know much about that I just go

to sound manager which is basically this sound just go to sound control panel right and then open that Im gonna start you out right here so see all this you want to go to recording right click front mic which

will be on the next thing and then go to properties after that you want to go to levels and youll see this but when you first start and it should be right here most the time if its really quiet

thats really quiet but if you do that put it all the up to 30 just put that up and that should work and I should fix it so hope you guys enjoy it see you guys in the next one bye

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