How to fix teredo ip issue on Xbox One 2019 100%

xbox one teredo
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hey everybody just making a quick view here for a fix on the cannot locate Toretto IP address or whatever you wanna call it thats been going around thanks to a modern warfare you know what that is its basically when youre in a party I already have this one fixed but in your party and it says cannot connect or disconnected and then if it might plug in your online and everything but some reason you

cant talk so easy fix spent another a bunch of videos out there but this one has worked for everyone that I showed it to were gonna head down to your settings go down to network network settings and go to advanced settings typically that type will say unavailable or unable to locate or something like that on all those lines so you hit advanced settings here gonna go down to port selection and if you look

there my port says five zero nine eight typically if youre having this issue your pores and say something like three zero seven four I dont ask why it just does so I hit that then youre gonna go down to manual then select port youre gonna scroll through and typically Im not entirely sure what these different ports mean but none of them seem to have an issue I usually press the ones that say five

the beginning so it says five one zero nine gonna hit that they continue then youre gonna go down to alternate MAC address hit clear and then hit restart Im actually restarting has already done this but from there no restart your Xbox since you get it back on and it should solve your problem 100% have not had anyone have any issues of that thus far thanks for watching the video and you have a great one

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