How To FIX Tcpip.Sys Blue Screen Error on Windows Computer [Tutorial]

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hello everyone how are you doing this is mdtech here of another quick tutorial in days at woman she has how to hold her resolve the tcp/ip that sys blue screen error youre getting on your Windows computer so if youre having potential issues with some corrupt files this tutorial should hopefully be able to address the problem without too much of a hassle and were gonna jump right into it and were gonna start by opening up the Start menu just off one Start button one time and then type in troubleshoot bestman

should come back with troubleshoot writer both system settings must live on that then you want to scroll down on the right side to find and fix other problems blue screen troubleshoot errors that cause windows to stop or restart unexpectedly left foot on that and then left will run the troubleshooter you so if your doesnt find anything you just try closed down here with those suggesting anything out with two just following along with the on-screen prompts if youre still experiencing a problem out to just opening up the Start menu left with

one start by one time type in CMD miss managers say command prompt right click on it and then left home rise administrator if you receive a user account control prompt left click on yes then with the elevated command line window you want to type in any TSH space int space IP space reset again any TSH space int space IP space reset hit enter give it a little bit the one sowhats are just returning the computer at this time as well hopefully then it will have resolved the problem if youre still

having a problem you can try opening up the Start menu type in device manager mismatched with a device manager left work on that you so now you want to see any network at dagger section so either double-click on it or left one little error Napster to expand then you want to select your main network connection here so maybe multiple mini ports but were just going to select the first one here you can try other ones as well if you have multiple and then just right-click on it look full and update

driver software and you want to search automatically for updated driver software wont go online as well and see if theres many faster websites that have the driver software available as well so you can manually Galan install it too so we see the best driver for your device is already installed my phone closed restart your computer and hopefully that has resolved your issue so as always thank you guys for watching the deal Bose able to help you in our and I do look forward to catching you all the naps tutorial goodbye

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