How to fix Spooler Subsystem App error

spooler subsystem app
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this is one of the Microsoft services which comes with Windows its responsible for printing jobs that are sent to the printer first lets run Windows printing troubleshooter click on Windows buttons type in troubleshooter and press Enter then click on printer and then on run the troubleshooter button follow

on-screen instructions to complete the process now lets cancel printers job queue click on Windows button type in printers and scanners and press ENTER in newly opened window locate your printer click on it and then click on open queue button in newly opened window in the upper menu click on

printer and then select to cancel all documents confirm the action by clicking yes for this method lets update printer drivers right click on Windows button select a device manager a newly opened window in the list expand friend argues category then right-click on your printer and select to update driver

then click to search for drivers software automatically and wait for the process to finish restart your PC now lets try this abling print spooler process press Windows key with letter R simultaneously type in the given command and press ENTER a newly opened window in the list locate print spooler

click on it and select to stop it then press ctrl shift and escape Keys simultaneously to open task manager look through the list and ifs foolosophy executable is still running then it means your computer is infected scan you computer for viruses thank you for watching subscribe for more videos

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