How to Fix Software Installation Error in Windows 10,8 1,7 (Fail, Fatal, Can’t Install)

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okay guys I am trying hard to install a simple software on my machine like coral but every time Im going to install Im getting the different message like this version is already exist all files in your machine and so she can fail all these things I have to have a lot of hard thing like going to control ban and uninstall the software from the machine and then I moved to C Drive in the windows file or program file I find the coral and I also delete the folder from this but its still

not working it always says the file is already exist in your PC so what to do I am NOT going to format the PC for this software so finally I got one solution hope this will help you so just go to run here okay in the run just type our eg that you still edit our eg EDD okay and here click OK and yes press ctrl F to search now Im going to search the coral software because I want to remove coral software from a machine so just type coral and it will

find your coral file entire machine so you can check your any software name right now I am facing the problem with the choral software so now its got fine decide click and delete after you delete just press f3 to find again okay and again delete do the same until you not finish everything you need to clear all the file of your software from your registry so find press f3 and delete the selected item and again find again delete find and delete do this hard work I this is a hard work I know

this so there is no short work for installing this software so I am doing in fast-forward lets see so just find and delete press shift F sorry just press f3 button to find and that is this is simple but its little hard here you know you have to do this okay f3 and delete f3 and D so delete all this thing huh okay done I denied finish so I have successfully deleted all this thing there is no such so after this you have to restart your computer is highly recommended you have to

after you finish everything so now Im going to install the same software right cool okay okay come on yeah so its going to install yeah so I have remove successfully this trick work for me I hope this will work for you but be careful editing registry is a little risky so do it on your ex so my software is going to any stall Im happy with this now so I hope that this trick will also help to you so thanks for watching see next video please like share and subscribe thank you very much

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