How to fix NO SOUND ON WINDOWS10/NVIDIA High Definition Audio

nvidia virtual audio device (wave extensible) (wdm)
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what is young guys being in second review and today Im gonna show you on how to fix the windows speaker problem so as for me I have this problem is that on my wishes my computer speakers recently Viton so it works as normal but after I I do it for a while about like 10 second about not touching anything and the speakers goes off and I would like to need to write mute the volume and then you need to boost up the world and it only works like that as well you guys if you guys also

have this problem you guys can follow this and this will fix the problem so first of all what youre gonna do is type in device manager click on it and what youre gonna do is gonna hit to the sound video game which is this one and click on the first one so as for me Im the first one it depends on you guys actually so which is the this is my headphone now so on my dividin reseller button is a high-definition audio device so previously Im not using this device Im using it in the Nvidia so

I switch to high definition or the device which soft the problem so as for that is just gonna hit on the what ever name that you guys are having so lets say your plug in your speaker which is the high definition audio device so youre gonna find the high definition audio device or before that which is the word vision I just mentioned just now pushes the NVIDIA high-definition audio which supposed to be here so I changed it so it depends on you guys and so most importantly just go and see which of the device you guys

have the problem and switchback right here and choose that one right click on it and click on update driver and next urine youre not gonna go on this youre gonna go browse my computer and you know you can click on this and in here which is the most importance that guys gonna choose what you wanna use the model so for example previously wishes I just mentioned this now its the nvidia high-definition audio which is giving me trouble so I just click on high-definition audio device and click next then it will be automatically installed the device and

you if you ask you to reboot your computer once again and after you put a computer the problem will be gone automatically so thats it its very simple and thats it so its a very simple process so you guys no need to format your computer or and think so this might be a balk my big glitch i dont know so this the solution anyway thumbs up if this video helps you guys comment down below if you guys have any question and subscribe for more and happy four thousand subscriber guys see you guys in the next video

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