How to fix (Minecraft server) “Could not reserve enough space for object heap” New 2019 – 2020 FIX!!

could not reserve enough space for object heap
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hey whats up so Ive encountered an issue with Java the newest version that they have out right now which is the version 8 and update 231 so when youre trying to start a server whatever it may be or trying to get up a virtual machine using Java and youre trying to use more RAM and it gives you an error like this where it says its just it it just cant reserve enough space for that object heap and you know you have more RAM but it refuses to let you use any more than one gig well heres a solution that might work before you start doing anything too crazy so first off go to your

control panel and youre gonna want to go and open on it the uninstall a program and find your Java and just uninstall it so Ill do that now actually so uninstall all right there you go now its uninstalled next thing to do is go over to a Java website I will supply this link in the description so you dont have to go looking for this on their site because its kind of hard to find youre going to want to download Windows offline 64-bit and you can save it if you want but I just recommend just hit run its faster so once this is this is up shouldnt take too long everythings start working because

what ends up happening is when you go to download from the main page its downloading the 32-bit version instead of the 64 which most people have 64-bit computers or operating system and its just it it gets incompatible has like incompatibility issues so this kind of fixes that and well end up resolving the the heap the heap size issue when trying to start that server cool so now that thats been installed we can go back over to our server were gonna edit the run dot bat file that I have go to edit and youre just gonna get rid of the XMS which is the minimum amount its just going to cause issues if you have

it in there so and we dont need this pause anymore also Ill put no GUI just so we dont have any goodies come up this will save and Voltron now it runs instead of giving me that crazy error and you can you can add as much as you want so well as much as your computer all allow if you want to find out how much RAM you have in your computer easy way to do that is control-alt-delete you go down to or go over to performance go down to memory and this tells you how much memory you have and how much youre able to use so shouldnt have any more issues thanks for watching Ziya

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