How to Fix HyperX Cloud Alpha Microphone/Sound

hyperx cloud alpha mic not working
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whats up everybody this is Brandon today Im gonna be showing you guys a couple tips and how to get your HyperX cloud alphas working properly first when I got these ice Guardian in it looking for a couple answers because my Sam wouldnt work and my Mike wouldnt work it would just be of a very low faint sound so first thing is you got your cable that you plug in to this

this port here and you see this gray part you want to push this right on in and normally would go until it brings up solid and it kind of do get back some force there but in this case you want to push this Reed I mean until the gray isnt that showing at all that was my first mistake that causes it to not have a good connection but you want to

push it right on in same with the microphone you want to put it in the slot here and you want the you want it to push her down in until clicks and its flush with the longer headphones and then you got a good and connected ready to go so next tip Im gonna be just showing you guys how to properly using behind a computer or an xbox or whatever first off

you have to when you plug them in you should restart your computer like fully restart it and come back and as you can see you if you open your value mixer they wont show up as a device on its own most like other headphones even if you use the dual decks with them like and the headset and itll it will just itll default to your default speakers and your default microphone

itll just be like you know default microphone and Realtek holodeck or whatever whatever device you got for your sound so thats one thing and same with your xbox or whatever youre gonna use it on I suggest a fully hard reset and then it should work properly alright guys thats it thanks a lot for watching please subscribe like and do all that fun stuff Ill see you guys in the next video

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