How to Fix Error 651 On Windows 7/8/10

connection failed with error 651
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hello everyone how are you doing this is mdtech here of another quick tutorial today Im going to show you guys how to resolve the error 651 you might be getting on your Windows computer so this error will typically occur if youre trying to establish an internet connection over a broadband connection and it might say that the modem or other connecting device has reported an error and usually it would say that the connection failed and it would say the error of course would be 651 so theres a couple of different solutions Im going to go over in this tutorial that should hopefully resolve your issue the first thing I would recommend doing is actually going to your main source or going to your router and actually unplugging it and plugging it back into the wall so we give it a couple minutes and then plug it back

in just to let it reset you can also reset your tcp or IP on your computer so were going to do that in this tutorial right now just assuming youve already tried to reset your router manually and we would do that by right clicking on the start button and then we would left-click on command prompt and in parenthesis admin from this menu and you want to left-click on that if you receive your user account control windows flight es so now that we are in an elevated command prompt what we want to do is type in any T SH space int space IP another space reset another space reset dialogue and then now once you make sure you spelled everything correctly you want to hit enter on your keyboard so just give it a second here will take a little bit of time okay so I recommend restarting

your computer and if youre still experiencing issues once you restart your computer you want to head over to the Start menu type in network and sharing center should be lizard right above control panel on Windows 10 earlier versions should not say control panel here so one hour left click on that so you want to left overshoe problems right here so if youre having problems your internet connections click on that click on next to perceive with this diagnostic tool and just give it a couple seconds to scan here so if youre trying to troubleshoot your connection to the Internet select the first option or try and connect to Microsoft comm if that does not resolve your issue were not actually experiencing any computer any internet related issues on this machine sets probably ye can identify the problem we could also click on network adapter here if you want

to network adapter troubleshooting utility as well again current ID for the problem because we dont have a problem normally it would say that there was an issue that was found one further thing we can try be to head back to star menu and type in network connections should say view network connections so you want to left click on that so you might have multiple network connections here depending on if you have a lot of neighbors and their Wi-Fi networks are showing up here usually the one with the strongest signal if youre actually getting the signal will be the one that youre using you should also know from your ISP on your router what your code is so just keep that in mind so whichever what is your network adapter you want to right-click on it and then click on disable and then after a few moments after

its disabled right click on it again click enabled if it was disabled to begin with and then when you click enable there should hopefully work if that still does not resolve the problem you can right click on it again click on diagnose so theres another issue its another diagnostic tool here for the windows network diagnostic again couldnt find anything because im not experiencing a problem and then I would always recommend going and physically checking all of your cables and cords to make sure everythings all plugged in if youre using a built-in wireless adapter on your computer well obviously you really cant do that much to check for that unless you actually open up your machine but typically that wouldnt be the issue so hopefully this tutorial will work for you guys and as always thank you for watching and I will catch you in the next tutorial goodbye

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