How to Fix Corrupt Windows 10 System Files

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what you guys got another video here for you this ones been requested quite a few times and its on how to fix corrupt Windows 10 system files and how to go about fixing those without formatting or reinstalling your system now sometimes its not possible to fix Windows and you will have to reinstall but Im gonna show some steps you can take before you get to that process so you might be able to save salvaged your installation and no one likes the reinstall because it means you have to reinstall all your applications and stuff like that and it is a bit of a tiresome job so lets go about doing this first off I just want to mention a couple of things to make sure that youve got checked which is make sure that youve got a backup of all your data thats really really important you dont to continue with this without backing up your data to make sure that youve got no malware on the system if you have got malware then doing this is not really going to help you its just gonna try to fix issues that malware is created but the malware will still be left on the system and free which is really important also is make sure that you dont have any hardware issues I fail in hard drives or something like that which is creating the error messages that you maybe seen on the screen or blue screen of death or error messages and stuff like that because if you have got failing hardware and you start to follow these processes then whats gonna happen is you can enough losing your data so you dont do that either so make sure youve checked all those things first so if you know the hard drives good and everything else is good and is a windows corruption then Ill show you some steps that you can take to fix it so theres gonna be a bit of a lengthy video but well go ahead and start off here try and keep it as basic as possible so not to over confuse people okay to start off here if you need to get into safe mode to do all this Ill show you how to go about doing it now you can type ms config in the search box here and what this is gonna do is allow you to the system configuration tool and then put in your boot options here and to put safe boot and boot to network if you want to do networking so you get access to the Internet now if you dont cant get to the desktop and youre getting an error message for Windows corruption or something like that then you can try to reboot the system three times and it will automatically give you the option to go into safe mode youll be able to go into there by recovery okay so this start off with the first one were going to CMD here and type CMD and in right click on the command prompt and run this as administrator say yes then a user account control here and you should see administrator colon command prompt this is where were going to type our first command okay its are going to put in here check disk chkdsk space /f space /r and in space forward slash X this is gonna dismount the drive and then push enter and you sometimes get

this error at this message coming up here which says check this cannot run because of the volume is in use just say Wi-Fi yes and then reboot the system and it will then automatically do that check disk for us now this can take a very long time so be patient okay do not run all this stuff if youve got issues with your hardware as Ive mentioned already otherwise youre going to end up with problems so you can see here it says push any key to skip this method that we dont to do that so just leave it dont touch the keyboard and let that scanning process start and you can see this will take a considerable amount of time so let this finish and this then hopefully resolves a lot of your issues if not were gonna move on to the next bit after this so dont worry so just leave it alone it can take an hour also to finish this task okay so were going to do is speed this process up and move on to the next step assuming thats all completed now so mixed off what you want to do here is open up your command prompt again and were going to run SFC scan now now again if you cant get to the desktop Ill show you at the end of the video on the command youll need to run to run SFC scan now from an environment which is offline okay so first off open up your command prompt run this as administrator again and in say yesterdays account control here and inside here we want to type SFC space forward slash scan now you can also do this in safe mode as well so again if you want to get into safe mode you can do leave this to run again this will take a bit of time to verify all the files to make sure theyre okay and it will start to replace those files if it can via the update method so just let that run and it does again it will take a bit of time so be patient there so Ill speed this process up and you can see here its verified dem files and 600 percent complete and I have got no violations on this system if you have got a violation on here you can open up the system log for there so you can see the SFC logs file which were going to create on our desktop so just put this big command in and it will push it in turn it will put that onto the desktop for you and you can then view that law file to view the error messages now Ive got no errors on here but if you have got errors they will be listed inside here and it gives you an idea where the error is and where to look okay so just scroll through here and you can see all the checks that its done and its repaired all those files and completed them okay so if you have got an error message it will be listed there and you can post that on a forum somewhere and get some help even on my forum and well try to help you best we can here so lets move on to the next step now you can run SFC scan now about three times that try to fix the issue so if you

doesnt work the first time then give it another scan and try again until it tries to fix and resolve those problems okay so it can take up the free times to try and resolve those now once weve got that scan done we can then move on to the next step now what we want to do here again is open up our command prompt here and what this is gonna do is try to repair the image here so were gonna just click yes and the user can control open up another administrator command prompt and you want to type in this command here disome and you want to do space for slash and then you want to type in here online space full of slash cleanup – image and in space forward slash and then restore health just as Ive put there okay then push enter and this will then run okay now this is going to take again a fair bit of time to run and it will still try to restore that image ive speeded that process up but it will take a fair bit of time and hopefully this does resolve your issue and if youve fixed your issue then youre pretty much good to go now you can also run SFC scan there after this to check again to make sure that issues been resolved and gone away if it as then youve resolved your issue and fixed any windows corruption that you may have had now if that still doesnt work then ill show you how to get into the offline mode here so you can push windows I key to get into the settings we can push start and settings here come down to the bottom where it says update and security then you want to come down on the left hand side where it says recovery push that and then you can see here advanced startup on the right hand side where it says restart and you want to do this with the disk drive in okay or a USB flash drive in your computer plug it in a Windows 10 version plugged into the computer and it will use those files and try to replace those files via that method if the other methods havent work so if this first method doesnt work you can try this so go in to troubleshoot here and you can see here so make sure youve got your Windows 10 USB flash drive or CD plug plugged into your drive the order computer and then you can come into here where it says come prompts wanna go into there now because were using SFC scan now command outside of windows we need to tell the utility where how Windows installation files are and you can use that command down below or you can just change the directory to your D Drive which is normally where your windows files are and in type the next command in and then once youve done that you can put in the next command which is your SFC space /scannow space forward slash off boot dir equals C colon backslash space forward slash off win dir equals D : back slash windows and once youve typed that out exactly as it is there this will then start to run the SFC scare now when youre not inside windows okay and this will help to try and resolve any issues with your windows files so if youve

windows corrupt files this will replace them and start to fix them ok yeah using the windows CD which youve got plugged into your computer now again this is a bit of a lengthy process and you just need to be patient when youre trying to resolve issues you may want to just reinstall windows what a lot of people do but as a PC repair tech its always handy to know how to resolve issues without just trying to format because you have to then put all the windows programs back on and its a bit of a bit of a pain really so just try not to be a bit patient and try to resolve these issues and let this run ok it will take a bit of time theyre also replacing windows files outside like this you can do it as well by replacing those folds using your windows disk it will replace those files that are corrupt you can do that also thats more of an advanced level and Ill may be covering that in a video again if you want to but once we get back into our troubleshooting area another option you can try is System Restore and you can try startup repair as well so try System Restore now if you havent got system and restore enabled it wont be able to use system restore point so Id advise you to an able system restore its always a good little safety net to revert – if youve got issues just like we was talking about now again you can replace corrupt windows files but thats more advanced and Ill leave that into another video but again if this is your last ditched hope and System Restore doesnt work and youve tried everything else then youll need to go to troubleshoot and reset this PC now the two options youre gonna get here is keep my files and remove all the applications on that operating system and all my settings but keep your personal files then what this is gonna do is basically reinstall windows but keep all your data another way is to remove everything this removes windows all your documents and data and basically apps and settings and reinstall windows so depending in which way you want to go you can use one of these methods here okay and this is probably your last-ditch taupe if you cant repair it and youre having still problems with blue screens or corrupt files and stuff like that and you know its not a hardware related then that is the last ditched hope for you Im afraid anyway I hope this one helps you out guys I hope this one resolves all your issues if it doesnt then you can always head over to our forums and post up over there Ill try my best to help you out over there the best I can now of course you can reinstall windows using your USB flash drive with Windows 10 on it or you can reinstall windows using the Creator creative media tool or you can use your Windows 10 CD anyway I hope this one helps you out my name is Brian from beretta computer code UK thanks again for watching but if you havent subscribed yet you can go to my main youtube channel here click on the red subscribe button and also whats really important is hit that Bell notification button and this will notify you when I upload new videos

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