How to Disable WINDOWS INK – Photoshop Bug with Wacom Tablets (2018)

disable windows ink
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[Aaron Rutten] Recently, Microsoft Windows has made some major changes in the settings for Windows ink. And these changes can affect photoshop and your drawing tablet. For example, one of my viewers, Terry, says… “For some reason, my pen basically grabs the page and moves it up or down,” “but it draws left and right…” “Ive tried everything I can think of…” “When I have Windows Ink on, it moves the page…” “If I dont have Windows Ink on, then there is no pressure. Help!” This is a bug that Wacom is aware of and they have a solution for fixing it. Ill go ahead and walk you through all the steps. So whats happening here is if you draw a left or

right, you can draw a line, but if you try to draw up or down, then it ends up panning your page. And again, this is a Windows Ink bug not a Wacom tablet bug. So essentially all we need to do is turn off Windows ink. And that sounds simple enough, right? But as Terry mentioned, if we turn off Windows Ink, then we dont get any pen pressure because Photoshop is dependent on Windows Ink for pen pressure… or is it? So lets go ahead and look at our Wacom Tablet Properties… Now this setting could be in a few different places depending on the model of tablet that you have. I have the Cintiq 27 QHD Touch, so Im going

to click on my Pro Pen here and then under Calibrate is where I will find “Use Windows Ink.” So Im going to uncheck that. Now if we close out Wacom Tablet Properties and we go back to Photoshop, now Im able to draw, but I have no pen pressure. I cant make my line thinner or wider depending on how hard I press down. And thats not good. So what we need to do is, we need to sort of hack Photoshop in order to use the WinTab drivers, rather than using Windows Ink. So I will go ahead and minimize Photoshop for a second here. Ill right-click on my desktop and Im going to create a new text document. Ill go

ahead and just double click on that to open it and within that text file we want it to say, UseSystemStylus 0 (All one word with each word capitalized, space, 0) Then we want to go ahead and save this. And we want to name this file: PSUserConfig and it should be a .txt file. [Notepad is txt by default] Now, we want to locate a folder on our computer… Ill go ahead and do a search for Adobe Photoshop on my computer and the folder that we want is called: Adobe Photoshop CC Settings. Thats found in Users/App Data/Roaming/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop… Within that folder, well just simply move that text file we created into it. Now well want to, of course, close Photoshop

reopen it and now if we draw we have pen pressure! And if we go back to our Wacom Tablet Properties… and we look under calibrate… Windows Ink is disabled and everythings good. Now, I wasnt having this problem, but Im actually pretty psyched about this because I dont like using Windows Ink and Id prefer to have it turned off. And now I can use Photoshop without needing Windows Ink to be on, so this is a great. If this video helped you take a quick second to click the like button and if youre new to my channel make sure to subscribe because I have lots of useful digital art videos like this. Thanks for watching and Ill see you next time.

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