How to Delete Windows.old After Windows 10 Upgrade

windows 10 upgrade folder
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what you guys can another video here for you in this one were going to be looking at how we can remove the windows the old folder inside the C root directory after youve upgraded to Windows 10 or the Windows 10 anniversary edition so click on the start button and type in here clean this will bring up the menu in your C disk cleanup you can type in their disk cleanup if you wish wherever you want just click on this and it will open up the disk cleanup this selection you just choose your drive and click OK that will be your C root directory you need to scan so just let this calculate some of the space that you can save you and let it do its scan you will need to do this a couple of times but it will recover over 20 gigs of space for you so well just let this do its scan and

then once thats complete this disk cleanup for Windows C Drive has popped up now you just make your selection to what you want to remove by putting the ticks in the boxes and then click on clean up system files it would in pop up this box again now click OK and it will then start to do another scan of your system for any driver packs or any previous windows installations as you can see it there scanning that drive now now if you want to know what the windows that old folder is Ill show you its in this C root directory and these are the file folders that are normally used to save all your previous operating systems in case you wanna downgrade or rollback to it so if you dont need them then get rid of them especially if youve got a solid-state drive and as you can see here previous Windows installation I can see there

18.9 gigabytes thats a hefty amount of space especially if youve got a solid-state drive so you put your ticks in and then click okay and it will then remove all those from your computer very simple and easy to do and getting back some more space you can also go to the more options here and remove some more system restore points or shadow copies as well now also ccleaner does a good job at doing this as well if you open up ccleaner come down to the bottom theyve added a new feature in here you can come all the way down and its all grayed out here but this is where you can put your ticks in and you can see here old wins that Windows installation just put your tick in there and you should be pretty much good to go click analyze and then clean and it will clean out that folder for you as well so

pretty much once youve done that you should be gaining some space back anyway thats how you can delete your windows the old folder my name is Brian from bright tech computer scott UK if you enjoy these videos guys didnt hit the like button also hit the subscribe button if you want to keep up to date when I upload new videos I do about free a week if youve got any problems you computers or any video requests you can head over to the forums its free to join over there if you have enjoy my Facebook fan page we need to do is go over there hit that little like button and thats it you become a fan of my fan page also you may want to give me a little review on there it doesnt take too much time just put little review and it helps me out get some visibility have a great weekend bye for now

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