How to Deal with Negative Team Members

according to scrum guidelines, who is responsible for hiring or assigning a new person into a team?
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one of the most loyal entrepreneurs to value taemin is Peter strata from Manchester United Peter this episode is dedicated to question you ask you ask me a question on a survey we send out a couple weeks ago he said Id like you to do an episode on how to handle this gruntal former team members so we changed up the title and the title is how to deal with a victim mentality team member and this could be former it could be existent Id rather figure it out now so we can solve it I dont have to constantly have Informer and we can resolve the issue now typically most of the time you know a lot of these things can be resolved based on dealing direct and communicating with them but the first thing I want you to know is being able to read whos not happy right theres a sign to be able to read whos not happy about what theyre doing so first were going to cover seven keys qualities of a victim mentality then Im going to talk about what things you need to do to be able to work with this so you know first things first point number one generally when someone becomes a victim and they werent before generally they have way too much time on their hands and they stop working generally theyre no longer as productive so they have way too much time on their hands and they stop working the moment we become way too idle we think about bad things we start thinking about very very weird things everyone becomes enemy everyones afterwards everyone is this this is why sometimes the schizophrenia key and youre sometimes the most paranoid people as they get its just way too much because they think everyones after them right its not you just have way too much time on your hands so number one is too much idle time number two they start blaming they become very good at blaming everybody everything other peoples fault except theirs everything you did it you didnt do this you didnt treatment right remember that one time the promotion did this this does everything is blame nothing is personal responsibility everything is blamed number three is justified they start justifying everything why theyre a victim right so a you know idle time blame than just justifying so you dont understand life is not all about money you dont say you work too hard you know in basting they typically hide behind their faith I need to be more involved in my faith and that I need to be more about my family I need to as if you cant do that or do all that stuff at the same time and they are more noble than everybody else all those people that work theyre not noble because they are just a fine now keep them on everybody I dont care who you are at some point whether we were a kid or a young adult or teenager we have Parfum we know how to blame and how to justify and weve had idle time so this isnt anything new that your superior and other people are this everyones meant to do this before its just no enough to fall back into it again point number four they spread negativity to others theyre incredible at spreading negativity all you know what I just you know the boss is doing this you know the CEO did you see the CEO any all the seal did you see the person here that guy at the top you know the guy over here the vice-chairman the divide this the original vice-president these guys are making the money that guys making the money this guys doing is that guy everything they started they started spreading negativity theres so great at spreading negativity and most people unfortunately most entrepreneurs team leaders executives dont get to that too early they get to the way too late so now they have multiple other people that become negative point number five which has to do with number four so number four is what they spread their negativity spread their negative negativity number five theres some of the best recruiters in the world it is a lot easier to recruit people to a negative message into a positive message I know this sounds strange what do you mean by that just think about more people have subscribed to negative thinking and fear-based and positive thinking how many people in your life out of ten people are positive tell me how many nine out of ten come on now youd probably say nine out of ten is negative why its easier to recruit people to negative thinking its easier to recruit people to justify its easier to recruit people to blame its easier to recruit people to be idle its easy to recruit people to things smaller its very easy its tough to get people to stay positive and move in our stop its too much Im tired Im just thats so these guys become the best recruiter so if you dont get to them early they know how to recruit all the other negative people and convert them very quickly number six is they spread their negativity but number six is they spread rumors rumors are not true but they start spreading rumors or did you know or did you know hey woody thing by that did you know did you know he was doing this digitally do you know what happened did you know this did you know in the past or you werent around here the general used to do this the general used to do that and pong to become great recruit new people are like were very good attitude are oh he was like that or he did this she did everything oh my gosh theyre great at spreading rumors very good by the way all of these are also great things that your enemy your competitors do to recruit people away from your business know that part as well so they spread rumors and in the last but not least the challenge with the qualities of a victim of mentality is this is a never ending issue and let me explain to what I mean by this forget if they leave your company lets just say this is you and your sin youre watching this video by yourself like oh my gosh I feel like hes talking about me right now so you dont comment on

the bottom where you get to value out of it thats fine itll be our secret you and I the challenge with someone whos got a victim mentality is forget about who they work with forget about who theyre in business with I have a family member of mine a very close family member of mine that my sister and I talk about all the time this person lived in so many different places and every time they did it was always other people with the problems but eventually this person ended up having problems with everybody you know why because guess who followed this person every time they went they did this person was with themselves the entire time in their life everywhere they go theyre with them so to challenge what a victim is no matter where he goes no matter where she goes theyre with themselves theyre gonna problem at the net job next company next this next step next is anytime I hire somebody new or bring somebody new on board thats want to work with a sales executive whatever it is and they started like this or the last company treated us like this and treated us like how about all the other one too CEO is this if they talk bad about two three four people there the problem now you got to be wise enough to know where the problem is the prom is not with everybody in the world theyre the problem the problem is them the problem is are you there the problem right so lets continue now so we have seven things we just covered idle time they blame they justify they spread negativity theyre great at recruiting other victims and converting people into victims they spread rumors and a last but not least this is a never ending issue for them for the rest of their lives so now what to do when this happens Ive experienced this so many times over my career and the worst thing you can do is overreact worst thing you can do is over yet this happens in your family this happens in your friendship this happens in business this happens in every relationship youre going to have no one how to handle is the key the worst thing you can do is just hide and not want to do anything you know what the best books in this area is Crucial Conversations Crucial Conversations by far the best book to go through and read on this topic so now lets get into so what are you when this happens my number one thing that I do is immediately I want to meet with them and if their spouse is involved with the business or if its not if its an executive and its just the executive I meet with the executive alone if its something thats sales and maybe theyre doing a business what husband or wife to get I want to meet with them of the husband together but generally I meet with them immediately so now my number one is I meet with them immediately number two I asked them why they got involved with the company in the first place why did you get them all with this whyd you work with this why are you doing this and theyll say well you know I did it because I wanted to do this this this this that or I thought I I could do this why dont you get them on the industry why are you here with the company what you were excited at one point what happened what change what took place so number one is you know you know why they got involved in the first place and I asked them the goals they tell me about the goals all thats up they tell me that okay number three then I ask are those things still important to you when Im meeting with them are dorsum still important to you what do you mean do you still want to do that stuff do you still have those same feelings do you still want those things to become true do you still want to be part of those projects and theyll typically tell you if they say what yes then great this can be saved if they say no the man I mean its the end of the relationship and its fine not all relationships are going to work out no I dont want to be then youre automatically working on you know possible exit strategy etc etc or maybe Im digging a little bit deeper were asking more questions the next one is find out what the challenges were and help them clear up like what happened you know what I remember you were like this now youre like this what happened what challenges are you facing whats difficult who are you not happy with did I do something is something happened with the company did a team member do something and youd be amazed how many times there is something that you didnt even know about gosh it was that small of a thing truly 80% of the time is something this small that they just dont want to bring up because remember most people do what they avoid conflict they dont want to have comp most people cant stand conflict and and and to build anything big you have to deal with conflicts so they would rather not bring it up to youll bring it up to anybody thats their superior because they would rather run and fly away and run away and go to another place flight right so ask what about the challenge and then ask them a simple question if they would like things to change would you like things to change would you like this relation with this business to get better you would you like your excitement which I would would you like things to get better like you once for six months ago nine months yes I would would you like it yes I would know I dont know not at all okay right then if they say no at all and theyre completely being disgruntled about it you have a few choices you can either leave them on for a while see if something changes or you can ask them to leave we can ask them take a break we have an option on what to do ask them to leave give them a break ask them ask them to leave give them

some space for a few weeks or ask them to take a break but its one of the two okay if you want to fire them you can fire them if you can fire them if its an employee if it sells you dont want to fire them you can ask them to leave kindly right then after that is study trends I like to study trends of anybody thats working with me because you generally no one knows more about your team members that youre working with in the work environment then you because youre working with them so whoevers working closely with them I want to find out the trends of that human being for instance someones not happy what is the trend are they always bitching or is it a new thing it is it always negative like I had somebody who calls and says all you dont understand this person is just terrible theyre dis theyre dis than that and what they dont realize is that I know that persons trends theyre the problem nobody else is the primer on them theyre the problem but they think everybody else to prom because youre a victim I know this other persons trend theyve been solid for me from the day one they started working with me this person has not so the value the credibility of this person bitching to me and complaining to me is this much theres not a lot of credibility she this persons already been caught six seven times that blames everybody else and its really his fault or her fault right so trend study trends that point number six I think its point number six right yet six study the trends of that human being and you know who the person so study the trends on how their behavior has been and see if its consistent with the way theyve always behaved or if its new if its new sometimes when somebody completely changes and you dont recognize them I generally its like a kid you know when a kid are like I remember when at one point my relationship completely changed when my mom would like to data when I was a kid and Im like why and I know because it was two kids I met that were terrible influence on my life or was a girl I met that completely was a negative influence in my life right so maybe theyre coming through that maybe theyre going through that you know sometimes as a leader you got to know that the you know most people or like the weather they change often not the leader most people leaders cant change that often because leaders got to stay strong and they got a lead youre a leader but generally most people who are regular people they change often like the weather one day theyre happy wonder theres that one then theres it and hopefully youre challenging to become leaders right but you dont know maybe they just started dating a girl that the girl just doesnt like the way you see things just doesnt agree with your belief system just doesnt agree with anything you say they may have a father or a mother that doesnt like the fact that this persons constantly saying oh you know hes so amazing hes teaching me the sequence you know what stop you gotta trust them so maybe there is that part corner maybe theres a part that you know they used to be the best and they used to do very good and now you have a new executive or new sales got a new person thats doing very well and they dont like that because they were always a person and that theres somebody new that that kind of gives them the victim part you know what this person wasnt there when I was with you first 15 years ago or ten years ago or five years ago said who is this person so there may be that so you got to also be a human leader and identify maybe theres something deeper there and generally if you grab a paper pen I need a paper and pen and I start processing the issue of the human being and write their track records and I go through these questions I said this doesnt make any sense maybe theres something let me dig deeper right point number seven go through qualities of a victim mentality like Ill generously look I just want you to know this is a trend this is what typically happens and Ive been there as well myself and we fall on this trap when we start going too much idle time when we have too much idle time we start thinking about all our problems then we start blaming then we start justifying and we start spreading negativity then we start trying to tell other people to also buy into what were building so we start recruiting other victims then we spread rumors then were going to be stuck with us for the rest of our lives no one wants that you dont want that I dont want that so this is why we like to change and we like to Justin we like to improve now you dont have to do this but its a choice you have a choice to stay the same or you have a choice to improve which one do you want I want to provoke it great then when they agree to wanting to improve Ill generally recommend a book something to listen to a video to watch a movie to watch Ill say read this paper and I want you to read this book and one can read this book and finish it for me Ill give me a week okay great when you finish a book call me send me a text and lets get on a call together well set up a time I want you to finish it by this time next Friday four oclock were having a call to talk about the book no problem then we talk about and have a call with the book then Ill make another recommendation based on what they need to be working on based on a book you can recommend to them and then generally it will improve little by little by little by little by little and then you realize okay this persons improvement right so the other part point number nine is as youre doing this look you cant fake this you got to

be genuinely caring about your team members you got to be genuinely caring about the people that are working with you if you study alexander the people that ran through the wall for alexander they knew alexander will be the first to run through the wall for them so there was a certain level of loyalty if you look at people that build an environment that i mean its just incredible they know one phone call away that dudes got their back so theres an environment that you got to genuinely care about whom a lot of people you got to generally care about people you got to generally care about that persons story there goes their dreams and if its fake people will tell all the time but people can tell 100 percent of time it must be genuine next point number 10 you hold them accountable so what can I expect from you moving forward whats going to change with you moving forward you get Lou you let them tell you whats going to change with them moving forward and theyll generally tell you Im going to do this Im going to do that Im gonna do this Im gonna do it okay great well have a call next Friday well have a college a month from that and two months three months a nimble hopefully this can improve great point over 12 is what number 11 is if they fall once or twice and maybe they get a little funky again but they come back up and they fall and they have a little bit of a funk again and they come back up give them a second or third chance you know but then theres a time that if theyre leaders that you got to have higher expectation from them then theres a different story if they at all show no desire to want to improve and change at all whatsoever theyre getting even more negativity blame and more justifying more spreading more negative is spreading more rumors in my career Ive had to do this maybe five or ten times and I remember every single if I were to write it down I can tell you each of the stories last one is if things get worse you ask them to leave and take a 90-day break and Ive had to do this about ten times in my career Ill simply ask them to take a break and Ill say look I think its the time you take a break if its employer asking this is just not for you got to find another place to go work if you dont want to be here you dont need to be or we want people that want to be here and you gently ask them to leave the key is to be gentle about people leaving because at the end of the day you are dealing with relationships you are dealing with human beings you are dealing with people that also have emotions hearts they got feelings these are regular people that also have feelings then you ask them to take a break because I think if you dont do that you dont ever want to have a team that doesnt want to be there if you have a team that people dont want to be there you dont get the most out of people if you dont if you dont give them that opportunity to know that they need to leave go to a different place so theres couple ways of looking at it one is what to do so this doesnt happen I just so you know I speak on this in front of my leaders I train on this in front of my executives I train on this on my in front of my sales force why so anytime anybody decides to become a victim everybody knows and everybody says ooh you sound like a victim mentality dont wait for it to happen before you teach on this teach on this now and create this culture with everybody now I had a very strong leader in my home office executive team in the last two weeks how much what two more minutes okay the last couple weeks I did this twice and I brought it up to them and I brought it up again in front the entire staff came to six or seven points that I had because this is six or seven areas I want us to improve it and we did theres been a lot of progress everyones having their own leadership meetings theyre improving things are getting faster deadlines are being hit things that I wanted to see happen but too often we wait till the crisis happens to say heres what were going to do its already too late start early always start early to create the right culture and remember that when your leader building things you got to have a way to lead people without passing judgment accepting the fact that everybodys different not everyones the same and you as the leader are going to be judged on how well you can get the best out of your people and if you can get the best out of your people the rest is history well Im by the way I need your help with something el you could you throw me the pillow there we go hey I need your help were trying to get 200,000 subscribers on this YouTube channel were currently at 39,000 our goal is to get 200,000 by August 31st if you havent subscribed yet please do so and for some of you our absolute loyalty call this the best channel on YouTube for entrepreneurs please help us get others to subscribe as well get 200,000 fans in the third week of August I am launching an incredible program for entrepreneurs many of 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