How To Connect To Xbox Live Through Windows 7 (HD) (Very Easy)

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hey guys in this video Id like to show you how to connect to Xbox Live using a PC your computer now Im using Windows 7 here so if youre using the same thing this would benefit you the most if youre not using Windows 7 this still may help you and also you may be able to tell that I have a new mic and the sound quality is a bit better than the last one okay so back to the video what you want to do is

get your ethernet cable plug that into your Xbox and then plug it into your computer once you do that you want to go to the Start menu find control panel and then find network and sharing center so once you find that click on it and right here this is your Ethernet cable at the unidentified network and Local Area Connection so if you unplugged your Ethernet cable like this would disappear and right here is your internet connection that youre connected to so what you want to

do now is click on this right here just click on that then go down to properties then this should open click on sharing over here at the top and then now you want to allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection click on that Im not sure if youre supposed to click on this one but I do it anyway and then you want to open this drop down menu and click on Local Area Connection there we go make sure thats checked make

sure theyre all checked and the Local Area Connection is on okay so now click OK and this this next part is actually very important you did everything on the computer but to connect to Xbox Live you you should be connected to Xbox Live after a few xbox live test connections it may take a while because its actually trying to connect so just keep testing the connection till you get it and that should be it yeah so subscribed if this video helped you thanks for watching

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