How to connect a Samsung phone to a Hisense TV

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hey guys so heres a quick quick video on how to connect your Samsung phone to a Hisense TV so ima do is Im gonna turn the TV on right now so TVs coming on all right Im gonna use the input button and Ill go to any view cast and selected

thats on so heres my samsung s name and Im just gonna swipe up just the mine my phone is a bit past so what youre gonna do is swipe down you can see this and its trying it doesnt focus okay so swipe down so I write and you can see

the TVs actually created for an external device connect so its gonna click Smart View and Samsung Smart okay sorry hi sorry content connecting on its own already segment selected this before so thats why itll come up and its very wild like on X so here we go phone is connected

so lets quickly open up my gallery and your viewer picture so you can see that there and its quite crystal clear its very nice to view photos I dont know why you would like to use this but this is let me quickly open Instagram me show you guys mr. Graham

theres my Instagram on the phone its moving thats how you connect your Samsung phone to a high sense TV hope this video helps you if not drop something in comments maybe we can find out who can help you and yeah please like subscribe this video thank you very much peace out

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