How to Configure Audacity Software for Windows 10 on Your PC

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Audio Technica turntables with USB outputs provide a convenient way to convert vinyl albums into digital audio using the included audacity recording software before recording can take place audacity must be properly configured to work with the turntable this video covers connecting the turntable to a computer running Microsoft Windows 10 and setting up the audacity software other videos in this series cover installing audacity on a Windows or Mac computer recording from the turntable and creating individual song wav files from the recorded album audio begin by connecting the turntables USB output to an open USB port on the computer it is highly recommended that the turntable be connected directly to the computer and not pass through a USB hub shared with other devices or USB connectors on computer monitors or keyboards when the turntable is connected for the first time a device setup indicator appears in the windows taskbar while windows automatically installs the turntables device driver known as the USB audio codec if desired the turntables analog RCA outputs can be connected to a stereo system or powered speakers but do not connect them to the computer once the turntable is connected the audacity software needs to be configured to use the turntable as the recording device launch the audacity application when audacity opens a welcome screen with help information appears this window can be closed by clicking okay or made not to show it start up by checking the box if help

is needed during an audacity session simply click help in the menu bar the audacity screen consists of a large grey area where the recording takes place across the top of the window are typical menu items for file edit and view along with some specific to audacity below them are transport controls including pause play stop and record which operate similar to those on a tape recorder next to the transport controls are recording level indicators and other items before audacity can record from the turntable it must be configured be in by clicking edit and at the bottom of the Edit drop-down click preferences audacity is a full-featured audio recording program with many user configurable settings for basic audio recording most of these can be left in their default configuration however audacity needs to be set up to use the USB audio codec for recording and the computer speakers for audio playback when the Preferences window opens in the left side column select devices in the interface section verify that the host box shows mmm II the playback section tells audacity where to send the audio during playback and monitoring verify that its set to your computers audio playback device in this example the playback device is speakers and headphones IDT High Definition sound card if the playback device shows USB audio codec click the drop down arrow and select the proper playback device for your computer in the recording section click the drop

down arrow in the device box and select the USB audio codec to record from the turntable in the channels box make certain that it is set for two channels stereo audacity software play through feature enables the recorded audio to be monitored on the computer speakers during the recording process but the feature must be turned on in the left side column select recording activate software play through by checking its box leave the other boxes in their default settings although sound activated recording sounds like a novel idea it is best to leave this box unchecked next verify that audacity is configured to record CD quality audio in the left side column click quality the default sample rate should be set to 44 100 Hertz and the default sample format set for 16-bit if not click the drop-down arrows to change them in the real-time conversion section the sample rate converter should be set to medium quality and dither set to none in the high quality conversion section the sample rate converter should be set to best quality slowest and theyre set to shaped if not click the drop-down arrow next to each item to change them click OK to save the changes and exit in a default audacity set up a device toolbar appears directly below the transport buttons it allows you to select and verify the input device output device and recording channels format without opening preferences if you do not see

device toolbar simply click view toolbars and select the device toolbar to view it to listen to the recording while its being made audacitys Audio monitor function needs to be turned on locate the transport buttons on the audacity screen to the right are the input level meters and the output level meters these provide a visual indication audio is being recorded by audacity click on the click to start monitoring box in the input meters to begin audio monitoring if a record is playing on the turntable the input meters will show the audio and it will be heard from the computer speakers use the computers volume keys or move the playback slider to set the speaker output to a comfortable listening level adjusting this control will not affect the audio level of the recording use the recording volume control to adjust the signal level going into audacity sliding it to the left decreases the input signal level while sliding it to the right increases the input level as with any recording process maintaining optimum input levels are key to successful recordings at this point clicking audacitys record button begins the recording process we have now successfully configured audacity to record CD quality audio from an audio technica USB turntable on a PC running Windows 10 the next video in this series explains how to record from an album and create an audacity audio project file for more information visit us on the web at

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