How To Completely Remove Bitdefender Total Security and Internet Security

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okay in this tutorial all right we going to show you two approaches to procedures that you can actually utilize to remove a bit the BitDefender Antivirus alright first approach you would just actually go through the traditional programs and features section in the control panel and remove it that way all right so were going to walk you through that that procedure first alright so if you have 107 youre simply going to click go to the lower left and click on the start button and then click on control panel alright now if you have Windows 8 on other hand youre going to click on the windows logo in the lower left click on the down arrow on the left lower left scroll over to the right and then click on control panel right now once youre in the control panel Windows 7 and Windows 8 are identical alright so what you would do is go up to the upper right and change your view by to category view alright just for ease of use all right after youve done so go ahead and go down to underneath programs and click on uninstall a program all right now what you actually do is start off by clicking BitDefender you know the the entries you actually see and click on uninstall at the top right now next what you would actually do is click on they remove and the right okay all right and you just run through this procedure until BitDefender was completely removed and then you would just go ahead and restart your system all right now if this approach right which is the traditional approach and this approach doesnt work for you lets say that the uninstall crashes or for somebodys no no you cant uninstall it through the traditional programs and features a technique then you would actually go on to plan B all right now plan B is to utilize a remove removal tool alright so were going to go ahead and open a web browser and I and then what were going to do is were going to type in bit defender lets see Im just going to type in total security removal – all right you can type in BitDefender Antivirus removal tools you as you want theyre both going to come out the same okay now what youre going to do is the focus here is we need to make sure we get this tool

from BitDefender comm only from BitDefender Kampai nowhere else all right and were going to go to the link that actually says uninstall tool – BitDefender all right so what were going to do is youre going to choose the product that you actually have if you have the business products are going to go to the right if you have the consumer products going to go to the left alright now if you have a trial version and click this you know the the link here on the on the left to the right the left / right or if you have the paid version youre going to select the link all the way over on the left now since well need download the trial version for this tutorial were going to go and click on the trial version link alright and the next what youre going to do is select the particular BitDefender product that you actually have all right from this list if you have 2016 its top row 2015 the second row now if you have something older youll see it all the way down here at the bottom alright all the way back to 2008 now so just select your product all right so were using 2016 and were using total security so I would like to click that link and then were going to click on download the uninstaller down at the bottom it looks like its, 12 point eight Megs all right once we download it were going to go ahead and open it right and then click yes at the UAC and then Im going to go ahead and minimize the browser all right once the uninstalled tool actually opens youre going to click on uninstall right directly in the middle now what Im going to do is Im going to right click on the shortcut on the desktop and select properties and then open file location just so we have an understanding of where its actually installed and we want to make sure that its completely removed something like that folder open and were just going to make sure all these files are actually gone okay okay Im going to go ahead and block access Im gonna hit the cancel on that and cancel on that as well all right and this may take a minute or two or it may take several minutes it just depends on your particular system and the shape is

actually in I would look like its motor along pretty smoothly here and were just going to just wait this out were going to just keep this in real time instead of you know pausing the other tutorial okay so remove the desktop icon and looks like its removed the bulk of the files from the installation folder were going to just go ahead still wake this out right now most likely its removing services alright looks like were almost done and were still waiting this out its moving slowly but surely like I said were just gonna just keep this in real time exit yours may actually move faster than this order they move tremendously slower than this but its important to let this finish all right otherwise youll never well otherwise youll have a lot more problems than you you know would should have to have you know have to deal with if you dont like this utility axe a complete and it was stealing more waiting here now tell you what you dont actually have to wait this out pretty much what youre going to do is just wait the utility out all right until it says its actually you know complete the uninstall and then what youre going to do is restart your system okay alright and once you restart your system we suggest that we strongly suggest that since your system will most likely be without an antivirus that you install either reinstall BitDefender or installed and alternate you know such as Kaspersky or a fast or you know Symantec something alright because its very very very did I say very enough I very risky to go around you know online without a good antivirus utility alright and Im just getting all waiting this out so oh nothing to keep in mind oddly enough we actually come across this actually quite often remember that you can only have one antivirus utility on your system running at a time okay you cannot have two three four ten eighty parses okay because think about an eighty first like a street gang okay on the court okay they just dont get along with other antiviruses okay but like a street gang would get along with other what other street gangs okay you can only have one because what the the anti viruses need exclusive access to files when theyre scanning and if theres another utility exit trying to access to files at

the same time your system a lock up or blue screen or you pretty much just restore it all right or freeze up and you dont want that and this is steadily more running through and its definitely taking its time its actually taking almost as long to remove it as it did to install it and thats definitely a good thing but were going to just wait this out here just to say we did and as a point of reference we see the files the permit application was installed in on local disk c program files BitDefender and BitDefender 2016 for this particular version so we need to make sure that folder is gone and right when you think its done it goes right back it starts to count over again okay and were still trying to wake this out oh this is the last count here should only be another minute or two hopefully like I said what were gonna do here if youre still watching and you havent dosed off were going to go ahead and like I said once its completely uninstall were going to restore the system all right and then that should actually complete the uninstall of the this particular BitDefender product I must say though this is one of the longest uninstalls of an antivirus that weve actually come across the only other antivirus that actually takes this long or you know utility of security didnt secure utility takes this long actually remove is Symantecs products this is almost come how long this is actually taking were gonna go ahead and wrap up the video here because this actually looks like this is going to take a while Im hoping this last countdown here otherwise I might go ahead close out the video because most likely no ones watching at this point anyway because this is all automated pretty much all youre doing is just waiting this out okay well wrap it up all right keep in mind once its done who knows how many countdowns is actually going to go through you should say that you know the uninstall is complete and like I said youre going to go ahead and just restart your system and then like I said what the we definitely suggest that you install another antivirus once you restart your system after this removal okay and that should actually take care of the removal of BitDefender total security and also antivirus

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