How To Check Who Has Subscribed to Your YouTube Channel (New Method)

how to see who is subscribed to you
This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How To Check Who Has Subscribed to Your YouTube Channel (New Method). Following along are instructions in the video below:

– Its always a fantastic feeling when somebody does this on your channel (mouse clicks) But the question is, (bell rings) who did it, and how big is their channel? – [Voiceover] vidIQ, vidIQ, (upbeat electronic music) When you are logged into YouTube, you should see your channel logo in the top right hand corner of most YouTube screens. If you click on that, you have the option to go to YouTube Studio. This is currently in beta but will become the standard as 2019 progresses. This is the new creator studio channel dashboard and this is the place you will find the new recent

subscribers panel. If you click on the See More link, it will pop up into a full screen and show you 100 subscribers who have subscribed to your channel in the last 28 days. Bear in mind that new subscribers who subscribed to your channel will only be displayed here if they have set their own YouTube subscribe account to public. And thats what you may have noticed by now, the subscriber list is organized by the size of the channel. So we are delighted to welcome StevenCrowder and his 3.8 million subscribers to vidIQ. There are two things you can do at this point, either

click on the channel name to visit their page, or subscribe directly to the channel using the subscribe action. Now if I worked at YouTube, I would have a couple of upgrades for this tool. The first would be to sort by most recent subscribers, and not just the largest channels, and Id like to know how many videos theyve watched on my channel, as well as how many comments theyve posted on my channel. So go on YouTube, thatd be lovely, thank you very much. Now of course, I dont work for YouTube, I work for this lovely company called vidIQ, and weve got a

couple of tools that will help you in subscriber analysis. Whenever someone posts a comment on YouTube, vidIQ will tell you how many subscribers the poster of that comment has. You can even set a filter to pick out channels with over a certain number of subscribers. And if you want to take things to the next level, our Subscriber Analysis tool will tell you what other videos your subscribers watch on YouTube and what other channels they are also subscribed to. This will help inform you as to the type of content your audience enjoys, along with the best time to post new content on

your channel. Those two tools represent just the tip of the iceberg of what vidIQ has to offer. We will help you research YouTube, analyze every single video on the platform, audit your own channel, and take actual steps to help grow your channel. There is a link in the video description, and it is free to download. For more YouTube beginners guides just like this, check out our playlist over here. For more vidIQ tools that will help you grow your channel, check out the playlist down there, otherwise enjoy the rest of your video making day, well see you on those videos right now.

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