How SSH Works

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lets see how secure shell works secure shell is a network protocol for securing data that flows between a client and a server over a public network such as the internet when a client connects to a server it needs to be verified so the

transaction can be considered secure one of the methods to authenticate the client is an exchange of cryptographic keys after the server successfully authenticate the client a tunneled connection is established then secure shell provides encrypted file transfer between the client and the server another

useful application of secure shell is ability to securely execute system commands and programs from a remote location secur shall add security to applications which normally would be considered unsecure in general each tcp/ip application uses a dedicated port to communicate but with port forwarding

many applications can use a single secure port 22 so lets recap what secure shell offers in practice secure file transfer can be used for example to create secure extranet for sharing files and documents with customers with secure command shell network administrators can log

server even from a home network and execute system commands manage user accounts or change document permissions without compromising security and with port forwarding enabled entire traffic from the client to the server is multiplexed into the single port 22 and send across an encrypted tunnel

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